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Added: 08/03/2012 - 04:20AM
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Nicos Gift Version 1_3 for Skyrim

Reason for this mod:

These weapons were included in the last mod I created for Oblivion.

They were my favorite weapons to use in game so decided to convert them for use in Skyrim so i could use them there as well.

I am uploading them so others may enjoy what I have created in their own game. :)

What this mod does:

This mod adds 4 new weapons to the game. A Greatsword, A longsword, a shortsword, and a dagger all based on the same shape, and design.

They are also craftable if you have the perk 'Elven Smithing'(just in case some of you would like to dual wield two of the same size).

Where are they????

They are located around the fire pit stone that is in the center of the round table in High Hrothgar.

They are property of the player so will not show up as stolen when claimed.

Are they overpowered 'GOD weapons' ???

No. Slightly stronger than Daedric but without any enchantment so the player can add their own to suit their style of play.

I felt this was a good strength for them so they could be a players main weapon throughout the entire game.

How do I install this mod???

I have created the file paths for you to (hopefully) make it easy.

If you're reading this I can assume you've unpacked the 7zip archive.

Find the folder (that is right next to this Readthis file) called 'Data', and either copy it or drag, and drop it into your Skyrim folder (normally located at C:Steamsteamappscommon)

Answer "Yes to All" when prompted by windows.

Start Skyrim, and go to Data. Checkmark 'Nicos Gift' and enjoy.

Version history:

1_0 initial release
1_1 Added Greatsword variant. Repaired ownership of I'Hara Sword. Changed from being stuck in the stone to being around the stone.Tweaked Damage on dagger to better suit it's size.
1_2 Added crafting, and tempering for Greatsword (I forgot this in version 1_1 Oops!). Repaired designation of the dagger to being a dagger rather than a sword.
1_3 Re-worked the .nif specular properties, and re-did the textures for a lower reflective weapon in game.


Kit Rae who designed, and created the original 'Mithrodin' sword (real object) that I based these blades from (3D model, and unique texture).

I would like to keep this model specific to this mod in Skyrim.

Please honor my wishes on this one.

Mod is dedicated to my wife, and her fight against cancer