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Last updated at 22:38, 5 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 4:17, 8 Mar 2012

This mod allows skills improvement (One-Handed, Two-Handed, Marksman and Destruction) by practising on Combat Dummies.
You can use every dummies you can see on the picture (behind Companion's headquarter in Whiterun, behind the Riften's castle, etc...)

Functionalities :

The higher the skill level is, the longer it takes to improve the skill.
There is a 6, 12, 24 hours or no limit on the amount of XP the skill will get. Below 25 in your skill level, the skill can raise for around 1 lvl, 3/4 below 50, 1/2 below 75 and 1/4 below 100.
Each skill can be trained separately.

Tips :

You can change your time limit with this command in the console ² :
- set TDMustChoose to 1

Next :

- Allow to train with NPCs

Releases Notes :

- Add a new setting to change how many hours you must wait to pursue your training.
- Improve Archery now a little bit faster

- Fix : there is now one limit message per skills rather than just one message...
- Archery targets added (You can only train Destruction and Archery on it)
- Missing dummies added

- The Issue in Destruction has been fixed (no more allowed to win XP with channeled spells after reaching the limit with direct spells)
- There is now only one message to warn you that you've learned enough, but it pauses the game, so you can see it easily.
- Add choice to limit or not each day the amount of XP you can win

- The script has been revamped and optimized. Runs a lot faster
- Destruction works !
- Many bugs fixed

Links :

Skyrim Nexus :
Italian Mod (thanks to Andrea) :
French Mod :
English Mod :

Thanks for your comments and suggestions !