A White Mini Dress by Shoobydoo
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Added: 23/11/2011 - 08:36PM
Updated: 12/03/2014 - 02:28PM

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Last updated at 14:28, 12 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 20:36, 23 Nov 2011

This is a conversion of the Pink Miniskirt from Stroot from Pink to White, with jewelry, gems, and other metal pieces converted to a (roughly) more normal color for their materials.

Note: This will replace the existing wench dress in the game so any NPC's in the game that already wear that will be wearing this if you use it (Though there aren't that many in the game using it relatively speaking from my understanding)

To get it....either pickpocket it from someone wearing it (master level pickpocket I believe?) take it from the corpse of someone wearing it, or simply cheat by using "player.additem 000D191F 1" (minus the quotes) or bring up console and click on an NPC, type "additem 000D191F 1" then "equipitem 000D191f 1" (all without the quotes.

You also may need to use either "unequipitem 1" or "removeitem 1" for existing worn cloths before the equip command will work on the NPC, but your milage may vary there, and to get said IDs, type showinventory while NPC is selected while console is up, and use the pageup and pagedown keys on keyboard to see things that scrolled off console screen.