Summonable Daedric Princes by johnwayne1930
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This mod is multilingual [DE, EN].
The Mod is compatible with any version of Skyrim, inclusive Dawnguard.
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Version 1.3:
From level 75 in Conjure and "Expert Conjuration"-Perk you will find new buyable skill-books at Phinis in Winterhold College.
Those teaches you summon spells for each a different Deadric Prince which assists you in combat for 60 seconds.

Following Princes are available:
  • Boethiah (Melee)
  • Clavicus Vile (Mage / Destruction, Conjuration)
  • Hircine (Archer)
  • Malacath (Melee)
  • Mehrunes Dagon (Mage / Destruction, Conjuration)
  • Nocturnal (BattleMage / Destruction)
  • Peryite (Dragon)
  • Sanguine (BattleMage / Destruction)
  • Sheogorath (BattleMage / Wabbajack-Spells)
  • Vaermina (Mage / Alteration, Vampire-Spells)

Later perhaps more.

None so far, please report if you find some.

Place "Summonable Daedric Princes" in the Mod load-order as far as practicable at the bottom.

Copy the "data" folder from the archive to your Skyrim directory.
If asked to overwrite, say yes.
Start the Skyrim launcher, go to "Data Files" and make sure the files are activated.

Delete the summonable_daedric_princes.esp from your "...\Skyrim\data" directory.

I need someone who can make some clothes for a few daedrics, like these: