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This enables you to better utilize shouts in combat, so you really can feel like you're debating with a dagon instead of getting in a word here and there.
I also made an effort to balance it out with humanoid, beast, and mixed combat encounters so shouts become usable abilities, instead of just opening or finishing moves.

Might be worth mentioning that I only play on the hardest difficulty, so the re-balancing of shouts is based off that.
Below is an exact breakdown of what I changed and why:

Dragonrend - no change

Clear Skies - no change

Call of Valor - was 180 is now 90. It's a combat-prep spell, so it should have a long cd, but not 3 minutes.

Call Dragon - was 300 is now 100 because five minutes is to long for a summon that doesn't always work.

Storm call : might be a bit OP in current state, not sure changing cds helpful, needs more experimentation.

Elemental Fury : I was torn on this one for a long time. On the one hand, it's a melee fighter's best friend, on the other it goes away when you change weapons.
Su was 30, now 10
Grah was 40 now 18
Dun was 50 now 24

Disarm : Vanilla, this shout was useless--hopefully mitigated that to some extent. It only works on humanoids. Changed it so the third shout will work on bosses. Found through testing that it only gives you about a five second advantage when it does work.
Zun - was 30 now 5
Haal - was 35 now 5
Viik - was 40 now 15, works pretty much every time.

Fire/Ice Breath: Shortened to sync up with dragon take-offs and touch-downs and to line up with a mage's fireball.
30 down to 7
50 down to 12
100 down to 17

Marked for Death : Since it can change the pace of the battle significantly, I decided to keep the cooldowns on this pretty high. I'm considering lowering the time enemies are effected at max level.
Krii was 20 now 10
Lun was 30 now 18
Aus was 40 now 32

Ice Form : Reduced the time someone stays frozen across the board, and made it more effective against higher-level mobs. This is CC, so now you can keep it up and still use shouts.
Iiz was 60 now 5
Slen was 90 now 10
Nus was 120 now 15

Dismay: Lowered the duration at lower levels to offset reduced cooldown time. Increased effect duration at max level.
Faas was 20 now 8
Ru was 30 now 18
Maar was 40 now 22

Animal Allegiance : opportunities to use this effectively are rare. Cool downs adjusted to reflect bear dps.
Raan was 50 is now 30 and not enough to keep the animal controlled before it comes off cd
Mir was 60 is now 35 and keeps the animal under contol until cooldown is up
Tah was 70 now 20 gets the animal on your side for most the encounter, and you can still use shouts

Aura Whisper : lets you gather intel, and still initiate combat with a shout.
Laas was 30 now 10
Yah was 40 now 10
Nir was 50 now 10

Become Ethereal : this is for running and hitting traps. Made it so it's as hard to run at lower levels, and trivial at max. Little change was needed, it gets to powerful when used in combo with other shouts.
Fiem was 20 now 20 and feels like a long cd, helps get you some distance
Zii was 30 now 27 and has a short cd--gives enemies chasing you a chance to kill you
Gron was 40 now 35 can stay ethereal until you chose not to be

Unrelenting Force : Fus and Ro both force a stumble, dah forces a ragdoll.
Fus was 15 now 10
Ro was 20 now 10
Dah was 45 now 18

Whirlwind Sprint : No reason to punish using a higher-powered version of this shout
Wuld was 20 now 8.5
Nah was 25 now 8.5
Kest was 35 now 8.5