Alternative Russian Fonts by Icharus
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Added: 23/11/2011 - 08:13PM
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Alternative Russian Fonts
version 0.30

Backup original fontconfig.txt (SKYRIM\Data\Interface\fontconfig.txt)
Extract archive into the game directory.
fonts_rus_alt.swf contains:
10 main fonts (ArthurGothic, BankirRetro, Beast, WienLight, Morpheus, HelveticaCondenced, Miniature, Moonstone, HondaC, KingthingsPetrock)
5 book fonts (Calligrapher, Globus, Edisson, AugustaTwo, Heinrich)
6 handwritten fonts (BancoBold, Arlekino, JakobCTT, EpsilonCTT, DSNote, Festus)
fontconfig.txt contains game fonts config. You can manually edit the string to replace specific fonts to other.
For fonts style, the main font is better to change once for all values "$EverywhereFont", "$EverywhereBoldFont", "$EverywhereMediumFont", and also for dialogs "$DialogueFont".
For example, to replacement the main and dialogs fonts to another font "Beast", strings in a file fontconfig.txt take the form:
map "$DialogueFont" = "Beast" Normal
map "$EverywhereFont" = "Beast" Normal
map "$EverywhereBoldFont" = "Beast" Normal
map "$EverywhereMediumFont" = "Beast" Normal