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This is only a translation into Italian of the original mod.
You have inherited Dovahkiin Sanctuary in beautiful Riverwood.

This is a unique custom house containing all the ammenites a Dragonborn could ask for. Compact, 3-level design makes everything easily accessible.

The house comes complete with 2 Dovahkiin Guards (followers) - Nina, specializing in one-handed sword and archery and Jorgen, a Spellsword who is not bad with a bow either.

Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy equipment are included.

In addition, there is a large armory with Mannequins, shield and weapon racks, a seperate library, a room for the Guards and of course ample storage throughout.

IMPORTANT: This mod utilizes an esm (master) file in addition to the normal esp (plugin). This cures the Creation Kit Navmesh bug and fixes the "wandering mannequins" problem as well.

Because of the way it handles Navmesh (separate esm file) this version is NOT compatible with previous versions of this house. Please uninstall prior version before installing this one.

Now you can finally have a custom house where your followers can actually follow you throughout the house!

Main features:

Full Smithing equipment located on upstairs patio
Mannequins for placing armor: 20 in the armory and 1 in upstairs bedroom
Shield racks: 11 in the armory and 1 in upstairs bedroom
Weapon racks: 18 in armory and 1 in upstairs bedroom
Alchemy and Enchanting labs
Large Weapon cases: 3
Dagger cases: 5
Bookshelves: 6 large and 1 small
Large armory in basement
Plenty of storage throughout
Dovahkiin Guards (Followers) Nina and Jorgen
Guard room
Civil War map
Separate Library downstairs
Smelter added to town of Riverside for convenience
Light armor (Elven) modified Nightingale design. Note: helmet is best with short hair
Custom sword and bow (Elven)
Custom framed painting on the walls

The translated mod is found using the "Mirrors" link on the upper-right.
All credits go to the creator of the original mod.

Questa è solo la traduzione italiana del mod originale che trovate qui.


Che dire, oltre ad essere completa di tutto, anche di due "guardie del corpo", la casa stessa è
una coltissima citazione del famoso architetto Frank Lloyd Wright.
Si trova a Riverwood.

Dopo aver installato la mod originale, vi basta semplicemente sostituire l'esp e l'esm con quello scaricato su DRAGONBORN ITALIA.

La traduzione è disponibile alla pagina DRAGONBORN ITALIA. Li potrete inoltre trovare altre nostre traduzioni, ed un elenco completo di altre traduzioni create dagli italiani di Nexus!

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