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Each skill tree now has a new perk associated with that skill referred to as a "Major Skill" choice. Each of these perks increases the speed in which you gain levels in said skill by 25% while lowering all other skill rates by 3%. These effects are cumulative; or if you prefer, "Stacking." What this means is that if you choose two major perks, you get a 22% increase instead of the 25%, and all other skills will level 6% slower. In addition, the best perks in each skill tree require their related "Major Skill" perk in addition to their vanilla requirements.

I was unhappy to see classes and birthsigns go. Though, the new perk system is Skyrim is an adequate replacement for the previous installments class system, I still find my characters becoming more of a ambiguous character as I progress in levels... therefor, I decided before the creation kit came out that I would set out to rectify the issues I have towards this new system. This mod, is a small part of a larger mod I was/am scrapped/rebuilt/working on. In case I never fulfill my desire fully, or if/when I do, others find it to be too much, I decided to release this much simpler idea.

use 7zip to retrieve .esp file from the void of compression and place it in your skyrim/data folder, and you'll also likely need it to be loaded last on your mod list.

Will not be compatible with any other mod that alters the skill trees themselves. May provide compatibility patches for some of those mods later on.

3/5/2012: Added a separate version with 50% skill level boosts and 5% skill level penalties.

This mod is a small aspect of a larger perk mod I have been working on and will be absorbed and undergo a name change; however, I will keep this mod up as an alternate version for those you may like this concept and also like to keep things simpler.

I made another mod at that changes the warrior, mage, and thief standing stones from giving skill level bonuses to health, magicka, and stamina bonuses, respectively. I made this mod to go with my skill specialization mod.