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When the player exits the tutorial cave, the first large rock on the left hand side of the path is now a Start Stone. This is a container filled with items so that the player can start the game role-playing a certain class with the equipment that a character in that class would have

*Please do not load more then one start stone at a time as errors are sure to occur

Full Item Lists, Changelog, Questions and Comments can be found on the Bethesda forums page:

This mod was initially just a personal one. I already played through with my jack-of-all-trades character and now I wanted to specialise a bit.

By all means feel free to post any questions, criticisms and comments. Plus, I'm open to suggestions for more classes. Remember though, they have to be aimed at level 1 chars, nothing too overpowered please

EDIT: In Start Stone: Bandit, as well as the usual weapons and armour, there is also two scripted potions. One makes your character part of the bandit faction and the other reverses the effects. Let me know what you guys think, do you consider it unbalanced? Personally I think it'll be fun for roleplay, but I haven't tested it out fully so there may be some unseen problems down the line

- Hypno