The Curse of the Grim Plunderer v1_1 by Strider
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**NOW IN ITALIAN (translationby Ciccigomma, huge thanks!)**

Rumor has it that a shipment of Skooma belonging to notorious drug cartels left port out of Riften only to get caught in a treacherous storm that would leave it shipwrecked, it's crew vanishing with the storm. Now it seems the ghostly apparitions of the crew have returned, cursed to forever create Skooma. Dive into the depths of The Grim Plunderer, and fill your pockets with all the loot and various types of skooma you can find!

The Grim Plunderer can be located to the west of the Wreck of the Icerunner/Solitude.

This mod IS Radiant Story ENABLED! This means when you talk to the various barkeeps, you have a chance of being directed to this location!

Please report bugs in comments!

-The Grim Plunderer Shipwreck east of The Icerunner
-New weapons
-NEW types of Skooma

KNOWN bugs:
-Lighting in the ship is strange. This is Bethesda's fault with their shoddy work on boats. This will not/cannot be fixed
-The Incubating Staff doesn't work properly on guards. This will not/cannot be fixed
-(Not really a bug) Enemies sense you really awkwardly through walls, once again Bethesda's fault with boats.

Version 1.1
-Fixed bug where the dungeon would not appear as "cleared" on the map when finished
-Fixed an AI bug
-Radiant Story quests should be working, but it's all a game of chance getting the location as a quest.

Version 1.0
-Added various notes
-Navmeshing finished
-Added various enemies
-Final polish
-This mod is Radiant Story ENABLED! :D

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