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MECR's Night Eye & Detect Life Overhaul

A mod for TES V - Skyrim

Current version: V. 0.75
Compatible with: Skyrim (not tested with older versions)

About this Mod

This mod changes the Night Eye and Detect Life Spells, Lesser Powers and Effects to a more balanced and immersive version.

If you've ever asked yourself,

- why adapting your eyes to see better in dark areas makes that odd noise,
- why you have to re-adapt your eyes every 60 seconds,
- why Khajiit can see in the dark, but seem to suffer from myopia,
- why Vampires, dying of thirst for fresh blood, have the exakt same Night Eye effect as Khajiit,
- how on Nirn a Detect *Life* spell is able to also tell the difference between friend or foe,

then this mod is for you.

Version History - what this mod does so far (V. 0.75)
V. 0.10 (Initial release)
Separates the effects into a Khajiit Night Eye effect (blueish, less blurry) and a Vampire's Sight effect (blood-red, blurry).
Removes the annoying sound from both effects.
Removes the 60 sec duration from both effects. It's an on/off effect now.
V. 0.20
Removes "friend or foe" from Detect Life spell.
Clarifies the Detect Life spell description.
Spell cost is decreased to 80% (the vanilla Magicka consumption was a bit too high imo).
V. 0.35
Re-adds "friend or foe" effect as a powerful spell (thx for the idea @SniperKrizz):
Adds Detect Friend or Foe, a master level Alteration spell.
Spell cost is increased to 500% compared to vanilla Detect Life spell.
Currently the spell tome can be found in the Archmage's Quarters at the College of Winterhold.
The Werewolves' Lesser Power is now called Bloodnight, it's a reddish Night Eye effect.
Same functionality as with Khajiits' and Vampires' Night Eye effects.
V. 0.70
Changes the Detect Life spell effect from red to blue colour (fits better imo).
Adds Blood Hunt, a Detect Life spell with reddish effect granted to vampires of all stages.
If a Khajiit becomes a Vampire, the Night Eye lesser power will be removed and only re-added if he / she is cured from vampirism.
Renames Detect Dead to Detect Undead & alters the spell description.
Removes "friend or foe" from Detect Undead spell.
Removes detection of corpses lying on the ground from Detect Undead Spell. Only the Walking Dead are revealed.
No heartbeat sound when casting Detect Undead.
Detect Undead is now a Restoration spell.
V. 0.75
Adds compatibility with "Nighteye Muted or Quieter Sound" by BaconCat or other mods that alter the Night Eye on / off sound instead of removing it. In my mod, there's still no sound. But if you prefer to hear one, simply install my mod first, the other one second and click Yes to overwrite.

Known issues
Can somebody please confirm that the Werewolf's Bloodnight effect works? And maybe add a picture of it? I can't really tell, because I haven't played as a Werewolf so far and do not want to spoil my gaming experience (believe it or not, I'm like 250 hours in the game and haven't found any trace of a Werewolf quest yet...).Werevolves might also be stuck with the vanilla Detect Life effect. I will fix that soon.
The Detect Friend or Foe spell tome might get added to vendors. I'm not sure about that. This would be unintended. I'll have to have another look into that issue.

Probably any other mod that changes the Vampire's Sight, Night Eye or Detect Life / Detect Undead spells & effects, or Vampire Races.

Installation & Uninstallation
Use the Nexus Mod Manager. As a precaution, do not uninstall when you have one of the altered effects active in your last savegame (i.e. Vampire's Sight).

Plans for the future
- Add Night Eye spells, potions and enchantments
- Move Detect Friend or Foe spell tome to a locked chest that can only be opened after completing the College of Winterhold quest line.
- Make dual-casting effective on Detect Life, Detect Undead and Detect Friend or Foe spell (i.e. spell range)
- Give the Werewolf's Night Eye & Detect Life proper effects & description.
- Fine Tune all FX

About bugfixing and updating
Please post any bugs or ideas in the comment section. As with any other mod, this is not guaranteed to work with whatever setup you have. Always make a back-up savegame before you activate any mods.
I've a full-time job. Playing and modding Skyrim is only one of my hobbies. I can't say how regularly I will update this. There will be times when I'm not able to answer to comments or personal messages in a timely manner. Please understand and respect that.

There are other modders who have done similar things in the past. My mod is entirely based on it's own, however I do not want to deny that others already realized some of this mod's concepts. These are Hull, Lucubration, BaconCat, KingCoin, and LFox, to name only a few.
I want to thank Best In Slot for his Creation Kit Tutorial Videos over at Youtube. They're great.


Permission for translation: Granted, as long as you credit me and your upload contains the original readme and a link to the original file. Please send me a message, so that I might know what's happening with my mod.
Permission for mod's content that is based on simply changing values in the CK: As long as you credit me, you may freely adapt and reuse this content in your own mods. Please send me a message, so that I might know what's happening with my mod.
Permission for mod's content that consists of scripts, meshes, textures etc. (there is no such content in it yet, but it may be at some time): Please ask for permission. Not getting an answer for 4 weeks counts as a permission.

You are under NO circumstances allowed to upload this mod, any of your mods based on this mod or any mod translations to any other site than the Skyrim Nexus or the TES Alliance, especially not to Steam.