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-------------------To player.....By player-----------------
Difficulty.....Damage Taken...Damage Dealt
Novice..........1600%..............100%___________kind of assassin mode
Apprentice ....200%...............50%____________same as "Master" on unmodified skyrim
Adept............600%...............16.67%_________3x harder then master
Expert...........800%...............12.5 %__________4x master
Master..........1000%...............20%____________5x damage taken, but deal 2.5x less damage.
-% based on "normal" mode.

-Dragon Priests now less likely to equip a staff (low damage) and more likely to attack with spells makes them much harder.
-lvl scaling increased
-Low level arrows (iron steal falmer nord etc.) all increased to 15 damage some to try and make all archers a threat just not the ones with good arrows. (includes followers special iron arrows).
-Confidence level on brave and average ( 2, 3 ) increased so they SHOULD rarely if ever run away.
-tweaks to combat style of most draugr some more likely to circle less likely to back up some changed to fight mercerFrey style and flank......just to add some variation
-Player only takes 40% fall damage (you still take more then normal just not 4x or 5x what you would on master)
-Player takes more damage from 2.5x guards and 3.5x soldiers (only if >= level 30)

Random notes:
I recommend you be 50+ with ~ 500 health + lord stone or Atronach stone and have fairly good magic resist gear at least for the new expert or master diff.
I also recommend you get the PISE and Enhanced High-Level Gameplay (download from steam workshop)
adding optional file

Changes to dragons/vampires/dragon priests

- made low level dragons do more damage still less then ancient ; includes dragon,blood and elder. ancients dragons were buffed with a modifier of 175 now all lower ones are set to 130 and breath does about 90% of what ancient dragons did. all health remains unchanged so they will still be easier. the "secret" dragon is now a ancient dragon not a plain dragon

- reduced the grand healing effect dragon priests cast .. should heal for 120 down from 200..... with reduced damage they would heal them selves until they bugged out.....(they only heal if you have PISE)
-removed "control daedra" from dragon priests they would sometimes spend 10 seconds or so controlling their elemental , not sure if it was there for a reason makes no sense for a npc to control another npc lol

-significantly changed the highest tier of vampires 48+ in an attempt to make fights more epic. Long list of changes that will sound weird but work ,reduced damage they both take and deal, reduced their actual health (effective health is over 2x what it was) added a healing spell that heals the "player"to their vampire drain spell , you wont notice it, its just there to mitigate the damage of the drain so it heals them for more. side effect it makes them easier if you don't play on adept/expert/master. reduced the time they are staggered

********* VIDEO OF OPTIONAL FILE CHANGES TO VAMPIRE**************************

Increased the damage slightly and added stagger reduction since then. also was testing other mods out so it might be kinda weird lolol