New Race - SKYRIM Teenagers Mod by simplesim
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Added: 03/03/2012 - 10:49PM
Updated: 25/11/2013 - 11:21PM

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Last updated at 23:21, 25 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 22:49, 3 Mar 2012

UPDATE 16 May 2012
I uploaded an optional file Nord teen vampire race, please help try this and see if being a teenager vampire you can feed on your victims, appreciate your feedbacks on this so I can work on the rest of the vampire teen races.

The complete playable race for the Teenagers of Skyrim. Working sliders and all. Workable with both male and female gender. Station animations like cooking etc will not revert your player to its adult height. No bugs in horse riding (see images) If you start a new game, select your choice of Teenager. If you are playing from a save game, Press "~" button to bring up the console and type showracemenu to make the changes, and revert back any time you wish to.

I made this for my own use, so if you like the idea, help yourself with the mod, else don't download it.
It's just a game mod so please don't think otherwise.

Installation -
Unzip and put all the 10 esp in your skyrim data folder. Be sure to put a check on the teenages race in the data files options before you play the game.

Known bugs:
1. If you experience a bug whereby the hair slider doesnt show any hair styles, just go to presets and move the sliders and then go on to select the hair type, it should work again. I don't know why it's acting strangely at times, but for the meantime, this is what I know to re-enable the hair slider.