RDMR Realistic Devs Menu Replacer by ZoCks aLaaa and RPGWiZaRD
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RDMR - Realistic Devs Menu Replacer

This is Born just out of Fun and inside jokes of the RCRN Team.
This Menu replaces the defaul Skyrim one with a Fun Group Photo of the RCRN Team.. we got aLaaa, Main Developer of RCRN, so as ZoCks and RPGWiZaRD, beta testers, quality check and moral support. We are not gonna tell who is who, ;)

Watch it in Action! You Tube

There are at the moment 3 versions of the Background and 3 incredible cool Songs. At the moment only 1920 x 1080 Versions, 1680 x 1050 will arrive shortly!
V1.1: Added a 3rd Background Option, this time modified by aLaaa =) (1920x1080)

We will add more Fun backgrounds (aLaaa is actually working to add some crazy stuff ^^) and maaaybe 1 more song we are waiting permission for. It depends how you like it if we keep this alive adding more crazy stuff ;)

Anyway.. if you just want to replace the music through real cool songs.. thats possible too.

Fun Facts:
As we were testing RCRN, we used a bunch of saves aswell to check certain places.. one our favorite spots to check the torches was in front of the tree you see in the first picture.. for whatever Reason he got called BOB after a while.. but the main fun was Bill... the Dragon at the right.. he was right there in this save file, so while tetsing we got always bill getting into our nerves.. was fun actually ;)

Install Instructions:
Install Main File for Standard Fun Background and LennartalsingĀ“s Song.

Install Optional Main File without music to keep the Original One or whatever you may already installed ;)

Then afterwards you can install optional background or song files to replace the main ones.
Yoou can use this ones if only want to replace the Songs and keep the Original Picture.

To deinstall use NMM or delete Manually the files, just check the zip folders to see which these are.

If you dont know what is RCRN (Real Colors Real Nights)
Check out this fantastic mod here: RCRN by aLaaa

Fun by ZoCks - The Torchborn, aLaaa - The Lightbringer and RPGWiZaRD - The WiZaRD
original Manipulation ZocKs
Thanks to sprink and his Skyrim improved Menu for the Inspiration
Skyrim improved Menu

Main Song:
Skyrim Theme - With Battlefield Influences by LennartAlsing Listen to it!
Homepage LennartAlsing

Alternative Song 2:
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn 'Epic Metal' Remix by Brandon Strader Listen to it!
Homepage Brandon Strader

Alternative Song 3:
The Dragonborn Comes - Skyrim Bard Song and Main Theme Female Cover by Kalukah Listen to it!
Homepage Malukah

All these songs were used with the AuthorĀ“s permission. We deeply thank this artists for enriching Skyrim and share their Work with us.