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NOTICE: I currently do not own Dawnguard as I have no money and am busy trying to rectify that (jobhunting, etc). Untill I do this mod will remain untested with dawnguard and potentially incompatible, and I won't be visiting nexus very often so I may not respond to messages in a timely manner.

NOTICE 2: Thanks to XunArmarox for providing an updated version that works with DG. I'm going to be getting back into modding again soon, and will be updating this mod with some customization options via the MCM menu, expect news relatively soon.

Many thanks to those who have endorsed my work, I appreciate the recognition.

Adds a second word to your werewolf howls when you are in werewolf form. So pressing the shout button will do the normal howl, holding it will turn you back, simples. Since version 1.4 it also removes Beast Form cooldown and auto equips it when you turn back from being a werewolf.

This is not compatible with my Werepyres mod (, but that has this functionality anyway, so if you want both just remove this and add that.

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