Lutana Child Headgear by Luthien Anarion
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Added: 03/03/2012 - 10:15PM
Updated: 30/07/2012 - 09:53PM

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Lutana's Child Headgear [SKY]
Version 0.9.6 (3/8/12) by luthienanarion
[FO3] [FNV]

NEW in 0.9.6
  • Fixed ALL headgear to display regardless of camera zoom.
  • - Some headgear isn't positioned perfectly, but can't be repositioned without re-introducing the bug.

***This is last build of this mod until Children of Skyrim is released.***

What This Mod Does:

This mod adds child-sized versions of all headgear that will display when equipped by a child character. There is no resizing or converting as seen in the Fallout versions of this mod.

I highly recommend using Higher Magic - Children Character alongside this mod until Children of Skyrim is released.


  • Put a hat on.
  • Wear it.


There are no requirements, but the mod will be useless to you if you can't play as a child or lack the necessary pickpocketing skill to give helmets away.


Either use NXMM or copy the ESP and BSA into your Data folder.

Load Order:

If you use this mod with Higher Magic (and you should), load it after HM Child Character.esp or most headgear will not display the resized mesh.

Known Issues:

  • Some of the resized meshes suck and don't fit right. This is a known issue.
  • The hairstyles provided by Higher Magic clip through some helmets, even though the Hair slot is flagged for the item. /shrug In this case, remember that bald is beautiful.


Disable the mod in NXMM.

For manual installs, delete the ESP and the BSA.

Version History:

0.9.0 03/03/12 - Initial Nexus release.
0.9.1 03/04/12 - Bugfixes.
0.9.2 03/04/12 - Bugfixes.
0.9.3 03/04/12 - Bugfixes.
0.9.4 03/05/12 - Batch of mesh fixes for visibility bug.
0.9.5 03/06/12 - Batch of mesh fixes for visibility bug.
0.9.6 03/08/12 - Mesh fixes.