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Added: 03/03/2012 - 09:44AM
Updated: 09/04/2014 - 01:28PM

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Last updated at 8:28, 9 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 4:44, 3 Mar 2012

This mod has provide more style to replace default female stand idle, just try it and I wish you like it. If you like it don't forgot comeback to endorse for support me, Thanks.

If you are looking for what armor/cloths I am using on preview, Focus below the description..
you only can choose one style to use at same time.

Just execute the file,and replace to skyrim game "data" then it should be work already, NMM Installer pack is friendly and easy to install for mod manager user. (NMM Pack provide by gurgelstock)
And if you want only your character use the idle,I recommend use PC Exclusive Animation Path

You can found the animation file name call (mt_idle.hkx) in path:
X:The Elder Scrolls V>Skyrim>Data>meshes>actors>character>animations>female >"mt_idle.hkx"
Just remove it, now your character should return to default game set.

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Add style 13 "loop extend" version, hand motion now around 30sec 1 time, normal is 10 sec.
Style 13 renew for look more naturally and more like breathing.

1.871 - 1.873
Style 13 Default replace, now 13 Default is without hand action, Style 14 adjust for right hand have different state.
Style 13 Extra adjust's also good for male so I add the male file, who dont like it just remove the mt_idle.hkx from path data/meshes/animation/male when you install from NMM.
Style 13 add Extra optional file, Style 14 adjust,add new mixed style 02.
Style 14 renew.
Female standing idle style 17,18 released,style 18 have one optional for xpm bbp support.
Adjust and re-motion for style 09,10,12,15,floating.
Style 14 is down and will reopen someday at future.
Adjust style 02 and 13,plz check the preview picture.
Female standing idle 16 also good for male use.
Rebuild standing idle style 13.
NMM_Installer update v1.84
Female standing idle 15 released,it also good for male use,but i think not everyone also want use this idle to replace default male idle. so i only set path for female..if you want to use for male,you just need to copy and paste to DataMeshesactorscharacteranimationsmale .
Adjust idle 00,01. idle 01 optional file has remove.

NMM_Installer update with idle 14 fixed.
fixed idle 14 fingers stubby problems.
NMM_Installer update v1.83
Rebuild standing idle style 08
Released standing idle style 08 Extra
NMM_Installer update v1.82.5,add idle13 default and arm motion optional for you choose.
Fixed idle 13 fingers stubby problems,adjust body sway and arm motion,now seems more nature.
Add optional for character take arm motion at some time.default one is character never take arm motion.
NMM_Installer update v1.82, including idle 00-14.
Adjust female standing idle 02
Adjust female standing idle 14
Female standing idle 14 released
NMM_Installer_v1.81 released. including idle 00-13 and work with newest version nexus mod manger.
Urgent fixed idle 13 waist Swing problems and reupload.
Female standing idle 13 released,The first one full new create from original T pose.
Update NMM installer to 1.73(not include male idle and mixed idle)
Fixed and re-upload female standing idle 09F,head now is really facing forward,the optional file has remove.
Re-upload female standing idle_all in one pack,include idle 1-12 and true floating female stand idle,all Newest version.(not include male idle and mixed idle)
Female standing idle 11 released
Female standing idle 12 released

First male stand idle "handsome standing idle" released.
True floating female stand idle released .

Re-upload pretty female standing idle_all in one pack,include idle 1-10 and all newest version.(not include male idle and mixed idle) with true floating female stand idle.

All F edition = fully fixed,include keyframe,body balance,facing side,action adjust.
Rename standing idle_Ex to idle mixed style 00.
Rename standing idle_e to standing idle 01F(include left hands more close to waists optional file)
Released standing idle 00F,standing idle 03F.
Released standing idle mixed style 01.
Released standing idle style 10.

Released female standing idle_E and Ex edition.Standing idle_E is fully fixed base on standing idle_00,Ex edition is special,just standing longer time and you will know it.
Released female standing idle 09_F,fully fixed base on standing idle idle 09 body facing side,body balance,key-frame,include default and facing forward optional file.

Waduk has make a video to show every idles different, check the video presentation let you easy to choose your favorite idles to use.

Thanks xp32,he is always helpful for me,and thanks waduk,he make a video presentation,that let you easy to choose your favorite idle to use.thanks gurgelstock and grscorpion provide the NMM Installer Pack.

All armor i use below:
theRoadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Outfit
ME3 Reckoner Knight Armor
Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit
R18Pn - Leere armor for CBBE v3
Neo Oriental Dress
Witch Armourr
Gatti 04 Satsuki Armor Re-Texture
Temptress dress
Airy armor
Seraphim armor
Yukikaze Armor
summer time
fox16:found on google