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Trillville ENB

See installation notes below.

Have a question? Check the comments. Chances are you'll find your answer there.
Put "//" before "#define HD6_VIGNETTE" in the enbeffect file to disable letterbox.


Uses SweetFX for color/contrast adjustment and some sharpening.
Weather .esp files are optional, though I'd recommend them while using TV2100.
Performance can be improved by adjusting detailed shadows quality from -1 to 1 or 2.

[update without version change to fix missing SweetFX folder]


1. Download .143 binary from
2. Copy d3d9_SFX to Skyrim directory.
3. Copy selected preset to Skyrim directory (see labled folders).
4. Activate enbweather.esp (see Data folder)



Luma sharpening/SMAA/Vignette controls are located in SweetFX_settings
Use injector to toggle key codes for screenshots, shader refresh etc.

Load the plugin files in this order if you want to use fog plugin, which is optional:
ENB Weather - Exterior Fog Plugin


For use with .119 binary. See included README file for installation notes. All features (except indirect lighting) enabled by default. Letterbox set to ~ 2.20:1 to open up more of the screen. Users can disable this feature if they want.

Example screenshots (using old 2.35:1 aspect ratio):
Interior SSAO has since been improved.

***NOTE THIS VERSION IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CoT, RevampedExteriorFog.esp, or any other global lighting/weather mods. Use only the .esp files included with this preset. Darker dungeon/interior lighting mods should be okay though.***

Also remember to update your skyrimprefs.ini to look like this if you want sky lighting:

iShadowFilter=3 (don't go higher)

Tapioks / Enhanced Shaders
--Jawz-- / "enbweather.esp" and "ENB Weather - Exterior Fog Plugin.esp"


For Sky Lighting Feature of .114 Beta to work, you must use these settings in skyrimprefs.ini



iShadowFilter=3 (don't go higher)

Otherwise sky lighting will fail to work and/or will render incorrect shadows.

TV 2.5 is similar to 2.4, but with contrast and bloom adjustments. Slight lens reflection effect added and anamorphic flare reduced. Use with .114 ENB and attached .esp.

Screenshots here

2.4 - Experimental
Integrated Matso's bloom code (check out his latest ENB with new settings. This is not really a finished configuration. Nights are too bright and days have contrast issues. Remember to download ENB .113 and activate RevampedExteriorFog.esp before using.

You can see some of the test shots here.

Added a kind of tropical-looking preset. Skies are vivid, sun is more intense, bloom has more contrast. Slight adjustment to nights (probably not noticeable). Remember to use with .113 wrapper.

Added new configuration for .113 ENB wrapper. You can adjust the sun rays multiplier to your liking in enbseries.ini, however setting it too high will make your screen look washed out when aiming at the sun. I've also made a few contrast adjustments and modified the DOF to be slightly less intense. Detailed shadows now default to ultra quality ("-1"). To save performance, scale back to 0, 1 or 2. Remember to download the d3d9.dll or injector here

2.21 - Bluer Fog Preset

Like me, some of you may have gotten tired of the drab grey/brown fog in the latest configuration. I've changed it to be more in line with the vanilla settings--which is to say, blue. Well, at least more blue than it was before. I've also made adjustments to SSAO which might affect performance but should help improve the "smeared" look of previous iterations. I highly recommend using some form of SMAA or FXAA instead of Multi Sampling. First, it will improve performance. Second, it will allow the game to render depth-textures properly (such as mist, smoke, beams, etc.), which tend to take on a more opaque appearance when using MSAA.

Made corrections to enbseries.ini. Thanks goes to Boris for pointing out the errors.

Settings released for .110. ATI users should go here to obtain latest d3d9.dll wrapper. Nvidia users can also upgrade if they want. Remember to install RevampedExteriorFog.esp before playing.

2.1 Experimental settings similar to 2.0 but with color adjustment (saturation closer to vanilla tone) and more powerful SSAO. I strongly recommend using this with the .109 beta d3d9.dll wrapper available here. ATI users should read the release notes carefully (SSAO won't work for you guys, sorry). These settings can also be used with .102 should you prefer that version, but .109 performance is much better. There are a few bugs but they are not game-breaking. See for more details.

2.0 - Brighter and more vibrant. SSAO, DOF and letterbox enabled. IL disabled since it's barely noticeable and just a drag on performance. AF and SMAA feature disabled by default.


1. You will need to activate the included .esp "Revamped Exterior Fog" in order to get the correct image results. Thanks goes to Gargorias for making Skyrim more ENB friendly.

2. Per request of ENB's creator, hosting binary files on the Nexus is no longer permitted. So in addition to downloading the preset you will need to go here and download v0.102 Tatsudoshi, which will provide you the necessary d3d9.dll file.

I'll add some screenshots later.

1.5 - Optional Cinematic Version

Less colorful and vibrant.
Overcast weather is darker (which affects nights slightly).
Sepia tone added to "mute" daytime weather and shadows adjusted for more balanced contrast.


1.41 -Replaces Experimental Version
Improved SSAO sampling on foggy surfaces (still needs work). Dramatic increase in performance. Colors boosted slightly. Contrast reduced slightly. Blue fog, which made distant mountains look nice, toned down in order to improve fog blending.


Major overhaul to address some problems. Skies are now brighter, shadows are crisper and the foggy, murky feel has been reduced significantly. I've also used some HD6 code to give users an optional letterbox effect. To disable it, simply put "//" before "#define HD6_VIGNETTE" in the enbeffect file. Colors are still fairly muted, however, but not as much as before.

I've also added a few high resolution images featuring various weather and interior environments.

*Most importantly, you no longer need to use any mod that plays with the interior fog/image template settings. You can deactivate any prior .esps and your interiors should look just fine. If you want to continue using them, you can do that too.

Thanks goes to HeliosDoubleSix for his vignette code and other enhancements.

1.2 Optional configuration added. Interior Fog Remover no longer used. This mod achieves far better results in dugneons, making them much darker. Credit goes to Daos85 for adjusting the interior lighting templates.

1.1 - Missing palette texture would result in overly bright scenes. Corrected.


Remember to set" bFloatPointRenderTarget" and "fgamma" to 1 in skyrimprefs.ini

1. Backup any existing ENB files, including the d3d9.dll, before installing.

2. Playing with the brightness slider in-game can cause incorrect rendering. To reset, set the gamma
to 1 in skyrimprefs.ini and start the game.

3. Those using ENB versions .112, .113, or .114, should use FXAA or SMAA (or both) for anti-aliasing. Using MSAA will cause depth-textures to render incorrectly and cause SSAO to appear behind fog and glow. You'll know you're having this problem if the fog in dungeons looks strange.

3. Vanilla water foam may appear overly bright. To fix this, change these values in enbseries.ini
to values less than or equal to 1.


4. If shadows seem too dark, check if your monitor uses any kind of black level
adjustment or dynamic contrast and turn these features off.

5. If certain textures look extremely bright (as in blowing out to completely white), it's
probably because it's a modded texture.

*6. For those experiencing transparent fog during certain weather conditions.

A quick fix is to increase these values for SSAO in enbseries.ini

SizeScale= (Don't go over 1)
SourceTexturesScale= (Don't go over 1)

This will improve how the horizon fog looks but reduce your performance quite a bit. Alternatively, you can disable SSAO in the .ini file and activate it through drivers instead. This also eliminates the distant fog problem.

*This only applies to users who are using .102 binaries. Fog problems are completely fixed in .110


Thanks to Matso for his DOF effects, Gargorias for the fog remover and Boris Vorontsov for the ENB render extension.