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Added: 02/03/2012 - 03:33PM
Updated: 10/03/2015 - 10:47AM

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Last updated at 10:47, 10 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 15:33, 2 Mar 2012

Now the aim third and first person mode is fixed!!!

Adds throwing knives and axes to the Skyrim armory. You can combine the weapons with others, because they are one handed.

You can forge the weapons at any forge.
Once equipped you just have to attack like with every other weapon.
The projectile will be shot in the direction you are pointing.

There are 5 different knives

Iron Knife : 6
Steel Knife: 7
Elven Knife: 10
Orcish Knife: 8
Dwarven Knife: 11

The ammo isn´t a weapon it just supplies infinite ammo (for the specific material eg. Steel ammo for Steel knife and Dwarven for Dwarven kinfe, so if you have two different throwing knifes equipped you can only supply infinite ammo for one)

This is my first mod so do not be mean to me...

To fix the aim I had to change the mod so that the used ammo can´t be recovered, but I am working on that. Thanks to Althalos and DaMuncha on the Creation Kit Forums for discussing the script and Neon on Steam for testing the Mod. I had to change the damage of the knives as well, so please tell me if it is too low or too high, with numbers please.

Here is the link to the CK forums, if Someone wants to take a look and maybe try to improve it:

"Throwing Knives Mod Help"

Known Bugs:
There are some bugs when unequipping a weapon in one hand while the throwing knives are in the other hand. To solve this you just have to unequip ithem, and then reequip them. Apparently there's a conflict with "deadly combat", which makes impossible to throw the knives.

I fixed the "resisted knife impact" bug
the damage is this way now:

Total Damage = (Basic Knife Damage * 1.5) + (Player One-Hand Skill - Target Damage Resist / 2)
Total Sneak Damage = (Basic Knife Damage * 1.5) + ((Player One-Hand Skill)*3 - Target Damage Resist / 2)

note: the basic knife damage always affects the target, but the additional damage will only affect the target if the subtraction is greater than 0

If you think this formula is wrong, you can propose one to improve the balance

Hope it works for you, and feel free to improve the mod and continue with this idea.


Glass Knife
Ebony Knife (2 Rounds)
Daedric Knife
Shurikens (5 rounds)
Elven Axe (40% to knock down a enemy)
Orcish Axe (40% to knock down a enemy)

Removed the sheathe animation
Now the projectiles spin in the air after shooting

Special Thanks To:
RandomNoob - For his help with the scripts and other things that I did not understand about the editor
Enok2u and Brodual - for their video reviews
Desasterous - for his *help* with the English description

I keep this comment because he helped find a solution for a problem with the mod:

just in case this is helpful to anyone: if you are using a bashed or merged patch, leave this mod [or any mod that uses scripts really] out of the patch. That means when you make the patch make sure you uncheck the box next to "Throwing Knives" in your mod list before you make/update the patch. In skyrim bashed or merged patches tend to mess with mods that use scripts and can make them work improperly or even not work at all.

Sorry that i am not updating, it is because I was working in this other mod, if you have time take a look: