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Added: 23/11/2011 - 10:51AM
Updated: 27/01/2012 - 12:50PM

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Last updated at 12:50, 27 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 10:51, 23 Nov 2011

Name: Xbox360 Controller KeyRemap
Version: 2.1
Date: 27/01/2012
Author: m0m

This MOD changes the key map of your Xbox360 controller.
It becomes the following key layout.
You can also use keyboard shortcuts.

If you watch a bundled layout image, I think that you easily understand the key layout.
Please print and use it.

When you use quicksave, I think you better use "Skyrim Incremental Saver", too.

This version has been optimized for "SkyUI".
"SkyUI" is an improved user interface MOD.

*Change log from Ver.2.0
You can page up and down by DDown/DUp in menu mode.

Move L-Stick
Look R-Stick
L-Attack/Block LT
R-Attack/Block RT
Activate A
Ready Weapon X
Tween Menu RB+LS (Character Menu)
Toggle POV RS
Zoom Out RS+L-Stick Down (Default)
Zoom In RS+L-Stick Up (Default)
Jump B
Sprint LB
Shout Y
Sneak LS
Auto-Move RB+LT
Favorites Back
Hotkey1 DUp
Hotkey2 DRight
Hotkey3 DDown
Hotkey4 DLeft
Hotkey5 RB+DUp
Hotkey6 RB+DRight
Hotkey7 RB+DDown
Hotkey8 RB+DLeft
Quicksave RB+LB
Quickload LB+Start
Wait RB+Back
Journal Start
Quick Inventory RB+B
Quick Magic RB+X
Quick Stats RB+Y
Quick Map RB+A
Screenshot RB+RT

[Menu Mode]
PageUp DUp <- New!
PageDown DDown <- New!

ChargeItem RB
Favourite check Y
Dump Item X

[Map Menu]
MapLookMode RB (Cursor Centering at the worldmap)

Have fun!

If there is "ControlMap_Custom.txt" in the Skyrim folder, please rename or delete it, first.
Simply extract to the ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ folder.

Simply delete "..\Skyrim\Data\Interface\Controls\PC\controlmap.txt" file.

Release Info
v1.0 (23/11/2011) - Initial release
v1.1 (24/11/2011) - Changed the layout
v1.2 (13/12/2011) - Changed the layout for me
v1.21 (13/12/2011) - stupid fix
v1.3 (19/12/2011) - Changed the layout for me
v2.0 (15/01/2012) - Optimized for SkyUI
v2.1 (27/01/2012) - Optimized for SkyUI

Special thanks
synthetik, Rystne, star67, PhxAs5as5in, schlangster and the others