Barber in Whiterun by mikovits
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Added: 29/02/2012 - 09:29AM
Updated: 24/04/2012 - 04:41PM

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Last updated at 16:41, 24 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 9:29, 29 Feb 2012

This mod adds barber to Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, so you can change your hair / face / warpaint.
Version 0.2 also add another barber to Bards College in Solitude.
Basically, they are way to open race menu without console commands so you can change your hair and war paint.

If you are Czech, you're probably interested of Azarian's translation.

I made no changes to race menu, so all warnings apply when using it. (This should be safe to use to alter a character's appearance without causing any unwanted side-effects as long as race is not changed.)
This mod only adds non-console way to open it.

move barber2.esp and folder Scripts to your \Skyrim\Data folder.
Uninstall: delete barber2.esp and Scripts/TIF__01000D92.pex and Scripts/TIF__0100185C.pex from there.

* There is a chance in 0.1 that race menu won't open. If this happens in 0.2 also, let me know

If you encounter bugs, let me know.

0.2 Current version. Adds barber to Solitude and hopefully fixes racemenu not appearing -problem
0.1 Initial release

* Add barber shop