THS - Thirst Hunger Sleep - by Russell TheCastle Meakim
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Thirst, Hunger, sleep

By Russell (TheCastle) Meakim

T.H.S. Stands for Thirst Hunger Sleep and brings forth a much greater need to drink, eat food and get proper sleep.
This mod has been completely redone from scratch. The new version is far more sleek than before while still accomplishing all of the original goals that were planned!

*THS no longer touches any scripts or files outside of its own scope.
*Foods and drinks now only have one positive stat to keep track of
*The concept of rates have been completely removed
*Thirst hunger and exhaustion now increase while fast traveling or waiting
*Thirst and hunger increase at a much slower rate while sleeping
*Compatibility with werewolves and vampire mods has been greatly enhanced. ( This includes support for Dawnguard )

*Vampires hunger is tied into the system and feeding once will fully replenish all stats
-As a vampire your hunger will increase at a slower than normal rate.

*Werewolves will hunger at a slightly faster rate but feeding on bodies will restore hunger.

-=How do I play?=-
-Thirst - Is tied to Magicka and shows how thirsty you currently are
-Hunger - Is tied to your health and shows How hungery you currently are
-Exhaustion - Is tied to Stamina and shows how exhausted you currently are

Each value for thirst hunger or exhaustion will slowly increase over time. You have to simply eat drink and sleep to maintain these values. Your overall auto-regen is based on the sum of all 3 values combined. When you get hungry auto-regen will begin to turn off before reaching 100%.. If you allow your hunger to increase further then you health will begin to degrade until it reaches the value equal to your current health. (Will never degrade below 10% health)

*100% unobtrusive design. All feedback is displayed through your magicka, health and stamina.
-No messages!
-No strange design choices to keep track of!
-As dirt simple as humanly possible! If your magicka does not auto-regen to full you are thirsty so drink something. Simple as that!

There is only one catch.

For every positive stat you find on an item the other two stats will take a flat 1% penalty. So think twice before eating 20 carrots each with Restore hunger 1% each as that would mean your thirst and exhaustion would increase 20%..

That is the only thing to remember!

Fully compatible with
All werewolf and vampire mods