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NOTE [12.01.2015] : This mod is outdated and unsupported! I made it a long time ago with very little knowledge about modding.. If you want to adjust leveling speed, I strongly advise you to use the famous mod called "Skyrim community uncapper" instead of mine.
It requires SKSE, but there's no reason not to get SKSE since it's absolutly easy to install and required for all the mods which turn Skyrim into an awesome game (SkyUI, SkyRe, Frostfall, and so on...).

NOTE [5.12.2012] : This mod probably won't get any further updating, my freetime is just too short :/ Nevertheless, the way to change leveling speed as it is written in the tutorial should still work, even the files you can download here should work for the latest Skyrim patch without causing any trouble and all, and I'd wonder if this would change any date, so this mod doesn't really need updating ;)
I don't know how it fits together with Skyrim-expansions though (e.g. Dawnguard), as I don't have them and there are new skill trees in it (e.g. skilltree for werewolf, i heard). But as long as you run the actual Skyrim-game without an add-on, there shouldn't be any problems.
Have fun with slower leveling!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SLOWER LEVELING UP----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have seen some request for mods that decrease the leveling-speed, so here are simple .esp-files which make leveling up slower. For example, if you needed 30 hits with One-Handed to increase your One-Handed from 27 to 28, youll need 150 hits to do this now with the 5-times-slower-mod.

There's also a tutorial down below for own value-customization.

--WHY? --

I feel that the leveling-system in Skyrim is way to fast. You walk into a dungeon, kill 3 spiders, you level up. You walk into town, sell some stuff, make some poison, smith something, you level up. This feels simply too fast for me, especially in the early stages of the game. You buy a good iron armour, and an hour later there is already orcish armour for sale, so why i bought the iron one before and didnt save my money?! This is kind of senseless. You rush through the whole leveling system and you dont even care in what you invest your 10 points of mp/hp/sp and your perk point, because you will level up ten minutes later again anyways. With slower leveling, perk points get more value and you must think about how to invest it, especially when playing at higher difficulty, expert or master.

So you can slow leveling down with this mod quite "extrem" up to a 5 to 1 ratio, it allows you to have some nice adventures and playtime before you get a really high level and be OP :) 5 to 1 makes leveling more Oblivion-related, you can now actually go through a bigger dungeon without leveling up immidiatly.

Of course, if 5 times slower is TOO slow for you, you can also download this files:
-2 times slower
-3 times slower
-4 times slower


Download a speed you like, extract (e.g. with 7-zip, its legal and free), put the .esp-file in your data-folder (Steam->SteamApps->common->skyrim->Data) and check it in the skyrim launcher.


uncheck it in the Skyrim Launcher or (to completly delete the mod) just delete that single .esp-file in your data-folder.


Current Version. Has to be used if you have installed Patch 1.5 due to a bug. If this bug gets fixed in another Patch anytime by beteshda, a new version will be needed again. I'll let you know in the Version History.

This files have to be used until Patch 1.5 (not included)


You prefer a 6:1 ratio or even want to make leveling up faster with a 1:2 ratio? Or you want to diversify the speeds (e.g. smithing to be 3 times slower, but sneaking to be 5 times slower)? No problem :) It took me 3 minutes to create such a mod with the creation kit, and its really simple and EVERYONE can do this for himself. Here is a little newbie-proof tutorial :)


1. Start the creation kit

2. leftclick "File" (on left top), then leftclick "data..."

3. Check "Skyrim.esm" and press ok. It takes 10-60 seconds to load now. If you should get any error-messages (as me) before it starts loading, dont wonder. They pop up everytime you start that creation kit again, but its just fine canceling them or denying them (not sure how it works in the english version, I might get different errors because I'm from germany :P)

4. now, when the Skyrim.esm has loaded, leftclick "Character" on top, and then leftclick "Actor Values"

5.leftclick at "Type" on top will sort your skills together, you should now see them (OneHanded, TwoHanded, Marksman, Block, etc)

6. now here comes the enjoyable part: Whatever skill you want to change, click on it. On the right side there are some values/stuff now. The only thing that matters for you is "Skill Use Mult". For example, its 6.3000 for OneHanded by default. What this mean is, when you change this into 3.1500, OneHanded will increase with half of the speed as before (e.g. youll now need 40 hits instead of 20 hits to get from 20 to 21). If you change it into 0.6300, you would even need 200 hits instead of 20 to stay in this example. But if you change that 6.3000 into 12.6000, you would need only 10 hits instead of 20. In my file "5 times slower" I have changed 6.3000 -> 1.2600
You can adjust every skill to your own favors with this method, just as you want to balance your Skyrim :)

[IMPORTANT: Patch 1.5 - Note: When you change the SMITHING value, start off with a default value of 3.7000 (or even lower maybe, not sure currently), not 160.0000 as shown. E.g. if you want 2x slower you have to change 3.7000 -> 1.8500 . This should compensate a weird bug. I can't change it :( ]

7. after you have done this with all skills you like to change, leftclick "ok"

8. leftclick "File", then "Save"

9. save your new own mod into your Skyrim/data folder. You will give it a name you like (e.g. "My_Skyrim_level_rebalance"). It will be safed as a .esp-file. The path should normally look something like Steam -> SteamApps -> common -> skyrim -> Data

10. The last step is to make sure your new mod is checked in your skyrim launcher. It has the name you gave it when safing (e.g. My_Skyrim_level_rebalance)

I hope this helps anyone out there.


I highly doubt there are any problems, but if there is, you can easily delete my .esp-file again and you now know how to make your own custom-speed-leveling-mod. :)

At last I excuse for any bad english ^^


Der Mod hat für das deutschsprachige Skyrim leider zwei negative Effekte:

Zum einen, dass die Skillnamen und Beschreibungen nun auf Englisch sind. z.B. steht da nun nicht mehr unter dem Skillbaum "Einhändig" und "Einhändig ist cool weil blah blah blah" sondern "OneHanded" und "OneHanded is great because blah blah blah".

Zum anderen , dass Türen und Eingänge in Skyrim nun englische Texte tragen. z. B. wenn du vor einer Tavernen-Tür namens "Coole Taverne" stehen würdest, steht da nun "Cool Tavern".

Ich persönlich finde diese Effekte nich sonderlich störend, aber es sollte erwähnt sein :)