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This mod adds functionality for pets in Skyrim.

Pets are added and controlled through spells which are sold at a vendor by the Whiterun Stables. The vendors name is George, and can be found in the little wall-less hut near the stables. Around the hut are rows of cabbage!

The three spells are as follows:

Set New Pet - Cast on a wild creature, this will make the target your current pet. This only works if the target is a creature, has a lower level than you, and you don't already have a pet.

Set Pet Waiting - This sets the current pet to a waiting pet slot. The slots can be viewed as book in the inventory, and if one is filled it will have a (Filled) indicator next to its name. To summon the waiting pet, read the corresponding book.

Dismiss Pet - This will dismiss the current pet for good.

This week I have a lot going on, and will not be able to work on this much. I do want to improve it, however, so please post in the comments what YOU would like to see added, removed, or changed!
I plan to add pet spells if possible, as well as creating a more apparent leveling system. Both of these should make pets more personal, and make them seem like more of an investment than something you can merely catch and throw away.

Brodual made a fantastic video about my mod, which can be found here:

Thanks Brodual!


To Install, simply copy the Data folder into the Skyrim directory, or use the NMM as you normally would.


Version 1.0:
-Removed the waiting area for pets, waiting pets now disappear
-Added pet slot books which can be filled with pets using Set Pet Waiting
-You can summon the pet from the books if you don't have a pet already but reading the book
-Added space for up to 10 pets, each slot can be sold by the vendor

Version 0.1:
-This is the first version
-Added 3 spells to control pets, Set New Pet, Set Pet Waiting, and Dismiss Pet

-Dragons as pets appear to be bugged in some cases
-Although in Brodual's video, they seem to work fine