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Morrowind Skooma Mod
(It Actually works now!)
Author - Volcainic

How to Install Mod:
Just Drag the "Morrowind Skooma Imports.esp" file into the Data folder of wherever your Skyrim has been installed to.

(NOTE: The Download Manager does NOT WANT TO WORK WITH THIS FILE! I will work on getting this issue resolved, but for now, perform the installation manually)

Remove/Delete the "Morrowind Skooma Imports.esp" file from the Data Folder.

Compatibility Issues:
This mod should be incompatible with any mod that impacts Skooma directly instead of making an Alternate Skooma. This mod modifies the original Skooma files, so any skooma you find should be as it was in Morrowind.


This mod is meant to bring a little bit of the old Morrowind Skooma back into Skyrim,
with relatively the same bonuses. This is my first mod, so it's not perfect. If I should make it stronger, weaker, etc, just let me know and I'll improve a bit on it. :)

The Location of the Skooma Shipment is in Riften, directly in front of Elgrims Elixers. You will see about 9-10 Barrels added. All of them contain Skooma, but the barrel on the front of the boat contains a note, just for a little something extra.



-- Added 2 Original Effects (Drain Intelligence and Drain Agility).
-- Added More Accurate description.
-- Effects are Stackable.

--Mod Created.