Daedric Hideout by Falloutperson416
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Created by Falloutperson416, graphics made by MRCartm0n

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You hear word of a mysterious figure off in the distance... alongside the mountains across the Riverwood stream. You must investigate the town for clues about his location. Once you've found him, try to kill him! If you succeed, his hideout and possessions are yours!


This mod adds a Daedric soldier sent to spy on the town of Riverwood. Search the town for clues that will help reveal his location. One you find him, try to kill him. He is not a fool, and will not be brought down easily.

To start out the adventure, travel to Riverwood and search for clues about the Daedric Soldier.

Current Version: V1.0 Status: Completed

First version of Daedric Hideout.
- Basic adventure to find the Daedric Soldier
- Companion friendly hideout
- Safe to store objects
- No bugs

Manual Installation

To manually install, simply drag the contents of the 7zip folder into Skyrim's Data folder.
Activate the .esp and play!

Automatic Installation

To automatically install, download the NMM file, and install using NMM.

Big thanks to MRCartm0n for his work with the graphics on the page.

- If you find any bugs, please report them to me via PM or the comments section.
- Endorsements are very much appreciated!
- If the body of the Daedric soldier doesn't disappear, and you want it to, open the console (~), click on the body, and type "Disable" without qoutations .