Sneak Tree Overhaul - Anatomy and Auditory by Donkalleone
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Added: 26/02/2012 - 04:14PM
Updated: 26/02/2012 - 04:31PM

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Last updated at 16:31, 26 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:14, 26 Feb 2012

This is an Overhaul of right wing of the Sneak Perk Tree. Endorse it if u like it

I combined all sneak damage multiplier perks into 1 perk called Anatomy.
Through understanding the Human and Animal Body you are now able to do more precise attacks from stealth by targeting the right Body Parts.
Perk steps are 1Handed (6x) -> 2Handed (4x) -> Bow (4x) -> Dagger (15x)

The Second modification is Auditory
Through Concentrating on your Hearing Senses you are able to locate Nearby Enemies.
Living Creatures and Undead Creatures alike. Corpses wont be detected cause they are dead silent.
Auditory is a lesser power and last for 60 Seconds and can be recast as much u want.

Use NMM to install or just simply move the Sonar.esp to the data folder.

Known Bugs: If u know how to solve one please help!
1. I don't know why but it seems that in Exterior u have make visible contact to spot a creature, but after u found it it shows behind rocks etc. Need confirmation on Interiors (dungeon etc).
2. I wanted to make the Ability to be toggle on and off (like the Nighteye Spell) but didnt managed to work it out.
3. The deactivates when u draw your weapon but can be recast and deactivates when u put your weapon back. I honestly don't know if i should remove it or not; cause its better for immersion cause when you attack u don't concentrate anymore on your hearing. On the other-hand its kind of annoying when you spot some, you want to shoot and draw your bow and the effect disappears. third: i don't know how to fix this^^.

Do u like the 4 Step Anatomy Perk with the 2Hand or do u prefer a version without 2 Hand.