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Lanterns of Skyrim - Bridges by MannyGT
Skyrim » Visuals and graphics
Added: 26/02/2012 - 01:56PM
Updated: 14/10/2012 - 06:47AM

2,994 Endorsements

2.0 Latest version

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Uploaded by mannygt


Last updated at 6:47, 14 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 13:56, 26 Feb 2012

* UPDATE * 04 june 2012
- New version 2.0: Better lighting, script free, light lit from 5pm to 8am

* UPDATE * 02 june 2012
- New version 1.5: Light sources with increased distance view
- New version 1.4: Added the bsa file archive for properly working script!
- New version 1.3: fixed a misplaced lamp near the bridge of Darkwater Crossing (thanks mkelton19 and Anya29)

* UPDATE * 9 mar 2012
New version 1.2 with new script. Please update your old mod. SEE INSTRUCTIONS IN README!!!

* UPDATE * 1 mar 2012
Fixed a "flying" lantern to the Ivarstead bridge and lit/unlit script is rewritten

* UPDATE * 29 feb 2012
Added another versione of x2. Now lights are lit from 6pm to 6am of next day.

* UPDATE * 26 feb 2012
As requested, I've added another ESP file that add two lanterns per bridge.

This mod add lanterns per bridge around Skyrim. Just for eyecandy and maybe helpful to recognize bridges during night

Use one ESP only!
Place the chosen ESP into data path and activate it by the menu launcher (option "data files"). Run the game and enjoy

Disable the file by the menu launcher and delete it.

This mod will be compatible with any mods installed. It just add more objects and lights.

Download and install the "Lanterns of Skyrim - Part 2 - Around cities". It add lanterns around cities.

Download and install the "Lanterns of Skyrim - Part 3 - Villages". It add lanterns in villages.

* BUGS *
Please report to me if you find any bug or anomaly.

Check all my mods!