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Updated for Dragonborn+Dawnguard: Vampires/Werewolves no longer touched. New creatures adjusted using the same ideals as previous enemies. Shock weaknesses nerfed slightly for being good against a wider variety of enemies.

Half the Dragonborn enemies were even frost resistant, I seriously question why Bethesda put frost spells in the game if they were going to make them useless by default.


Find yourself asking why certain spells don't work as well as you expect? Ever wonder why they even bothered putting frost spells in? This is for you!

Dwarven Automatons - Given weakness to frost, resistance to shock. Lore in the game describes them as steampowered, and supports that these are their proper resistances.
Draugr - Frost resist lowered, Shock resist added.
Snow Bear - frost resist upped, robots are apparently immune to freezing but polar bears arn't.
"Frost" Insects - resists halved.
Non-frost Insects - given frost weakness, there's a reason most insects die in the cold.
Horker - frost resist upped. Shock weakness added.
Mammoth - frost resist upped, they had less frost resist then everything else on this list! GOATS have more frost resist then mammoths! Small weakness to shock added.
Random animals (like goats) - frost resist removed.
Mudcrabs - given shock weakness.
Spriggans - given small weakness to shock, increased fire weakness.
Undead - given small weakness to fire, resistance to shock.
Flame Atranoch - given resistance to shock, no nervous system. Frost left alone since it's at least made of water molecules.
Frost Trolls - a little weaker to fire then regular trolls now.
Skeletons - Trying them out with partial blindness. Stick with 1.1 if you don't want to try it.

Frost is now best against machines and insects (excluding frost ones), and is no longer useless.
Fire is now best against undead and plants.
Shock is now best against most things with nervous systems.

Dragon resists were not touched to conserve compatibility with Deadly Dragons. Should be compatible with most mods, except anything that changes enemy race abilities (specifically the racial abilities).

Projectile Spells Addon - An attempt to make the projectile spells a bit more unique.

Changes Ice Spike and Icy Spear to do partial physical damage due to being physical projectiles. Same base damage, cost ended up slightly reduced. Increased damage to try to balance around light armour. More damage vs nothing, less damage vs heavy.
Added concussion chance to Lightning Bolt and Thunderbolt. (I hope)
Increased the duration of Firebolt and Incinerate's damage over time.

Human Resistance Addon For Testing

Bretons - Untouched.
Imperials - Small shock/frost weakness.
Redguards - Small fire resist, small shock/frost weakness.
Nords - Increase to frost resist, small shock weakness.
Dark Elves - Increase to fire resist, small shock/frost weakness.
High/Wood Elves - Untouched.
Argonians - Small frost resist, shock weakness.
Khajit - Small shock/fire weakness.
Orcs - Untouched.