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The level you have in game affects the difficulty of all the combat you experience. If you're like me, you feel uneasy dedicating even a single level to a non-combat perk, since by doing so, you make the disparity between yourself and your enemies that little bit wider. This mod consists of a batch file you can run to gain every single perk that is in a non-combat skill tree, so that when you spend your perks, you can forego the ones that won't help you live/kill things. The least unbalancing way to do this would be to manually add perks each level with the console, but this way sacrifices a bit of balance for sake of convenience. I just thought that, as I made this for myself, I might as well upload it.

To install, as with any batch file:

1. Download the file (obviously)
2. Copy the file to your Skyrim base folder (the one with TESV.exe in it)
3. Launch the game
4. Load your chosen save
5. Press the tilde key (~)
6. Type "bat NonCombatSavant" and hit ENTER
7. Enjoy!