Horses for Followers by Jorne aka Spudgunner
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Last updated at 3:37, 26 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 14:02, 25 Feb 2012

There are two plugins in this mod:

Horses For Followers
+ Better Follower Improvements

LATEST UPDATE: Ability to switch ownership of companion's horses if a follower refuses to mount by reading the Bill of Sale.
UPDATE: No more horse hunting! Horses will follow the players horse after bolting Read Known issues!
Takes advantage of player's Horse Call type mods.
UPDATE: An implementation of Fast Travel + Horses will return to stables if the follower is dismissed
UPDATE: Added a ledger book to all stables. Activate it as an alternative way to buy the followers horse
UPDATE: Riften now has horses for followers. However, you can only buy them by activating the ledger due to a vanilla quest conflict

Horses for Followers will make new horses available to buy at all the main stables Better Follower Improvements will enable your companion to ride them and follow you. To make followers mount their steeds, all you need to do is mount your own and they will follow suit. When combat ensues, they will dismount and engage in combat as normal. The horses are set to avoid combat if possible, unlike the vanilla players horse. Now that you have two horses to pay for, you will appreciate their increased survivability.

The horses will be owned by the current Follower Faction or Player Faction, which means that even if you change followers, there is no need to buy a new horse for each one. Hope you enjoy and let me know of any bugs or mod conflicts. If a follower refuses to mount, use the Bill of Sale in the inventory (Books) to switch to ownership more suitable for your companion at any given time.

With each update, it may be necessary to make a clean save to ensure the mod works correctly. unselect the two plugins in the Launcher (Data Files), start Skyrim, save, exit and reselect the plugins.

Some people are having problems buying a horse, even if the ledger book is used. It's becoming apparent that this mod works best using an updated version of TES V: Skyrim. Older version may not work correctly.

Also, French and Russian versions should be available soon.

Please read the Known Issues section below !!!

download, endorse and... enjoy!

Version History
1.4.0 - Adds Bill of Sale. Read this to switch ownership of horse if followers refuse to mount.
- Reading the Bill of sale allows players to sell the horse. Also has a rescue horse feature.
1.3.4 - Needed to revert to the most reliable method of allowing followers to mount.
- Fixed bug found by a user that caused the horse to teleport with the player if the follower is in a Wait state.
- proper messages displayed when using the stables' ledger book to buy horses.
1.3.1 - Horse will follow the player's horse (inc Shadowmere and Frost) + "steal" no longer displayed.
1.2.6 - Adds the files missing from the last upload. Sorry!
1.2.5 - Fast Travel (with Restrictions) + Horse will return to stables if the follower is dismissed.
(Please read known Issues)
1.2.0 - Adds a ledger (book) to all stables in case all the stable owners die, or their topics become
inaccessable due to other quests taking control of them. Click ledger and buy.
- Riften now has horses for companions. However, you can only buy those horses by activating the ledger.
1.1.0 - Fixes Bug that prevented Animals such as dogs from following the player when mounted.
1.0.0 - Initial release.

Mod Compatibility
Better Followers mod - The mod author recently informed me this is now fully compatible

Better Horses mod - Only a minor problem. If you set horses to a non-vanilla price, the dialogue to buy the follower's horse will not run properly. You can either reset the price to vanilla levels (1000 gold) using the book supplied by Better Horses or just use the Ledger book found at all stables.

Horses for Followers on Youtube
Three excellent video reviews by TheBeyem and SaioTV!(aka Saiodin) and GameSpot UK
Remember to rate and subscribe to these guys to get the latest on the hot mods out there.

Also, two video demo's by ObliqueFantasy and Ploxress
to see them, click the video icon above.

Known Issues
1. Horses will Follow the player's horse IF the players horse is the original since game start. When the players horse dies and is respawned, the AI to follow it will not target the new horse. When Bethesda fixes a bug with aliases, then this should no longer cause a problem. Until then, either buy a new horse that has not a respawned. You can either use the console to resurrect the Player's horse or make it essential (will never die). Alternatively some mods that influence player's horses to do this such as "Better Horses". Note: Resurrected horses work fine.

2. The horses should no longer display that red "steal" indicator. However, if your followers have a horse already, you may need to uncheck the two plugins, make a clean save, and select the plugin again. Use the Bill of Sale to solve problems with followers not mounting.

3.The horse will not return to stables if the follower rides a different horse.

4.The companion and their horse will now fast travel with the player. However there are limitations:
- The follower must be dismounted. You can, optionally, mount your horse and fast travel. If you choose to do it this way, the follower will be mounted on the horse at the destination.
- If you have more than one companion horse, all horses will teleport with you.
- Avoid fast travel to citys. Fast travel to near the city instead. Otherwise, the follower's horse will teleport inside the city gates at the moment. If you have done this accidently, then read the Bill of Sale Document (Book) and select the move to player option.

5.There are no proper animations for followers on horseback carring a torch as far as I can tell. So if there are any good animation gurus out there... hint hint. For now, I'll look into ways of roving torches when the follower is riding, and give them back when dismounted.

6. Sometime the follower will look as though they are sunk into the ground. This is a Bethesda problem that plagued Oblivion too. What happens is the animation is stuck in he riding position. The only way to fix this is to reload the game, go through a load door or fast travel. I will look into ways to force the follower to reset its animation state.

Question & Answers

Q: My follower will not ride the horse I just bought for them. Why not?
A: Make sure the plug-in “BetterFollowerImprovements.esp” is selected as well as
“HorsesForFollowers”. They work together.
A2 Read the Bill of Sale given to you by the stables and switch the horse to a different owning faction.

Q: My follower / companion is from another mod, will he/she be able to ride these horses?

A1: As for the "Horses For Followers.esp", the companion needs to be a member of the Current Followers Faction. This can be done using the console commands. Select the non-vanilla follower in the console. Type:
AddToFaction CurrentFollowerFaction 1
If you need to remove the non-vanilla companion from the faction, select him/her/it and type:
RemoveFromFaction CurrentFollowerFaction

A2: Its the "BetterFollowerImprovements" that makes the follower ride the horse. If the non-vanilla companion uses the same system as vanilla followers. This means they are controlled by the "DialogueFollower" quest form and they fill the "Follower" alias provided by it. Make sure "BetterFollowerImprovements" loads later by altering the load order.

A3: If the non-vanilla follower is not using the quest form above, you need to add Follow type AI packages that enable riding
to the Companion mod you are using. Or ask the mods creator how to do this.

Q: Why are there no companion horses available at Riften?
A: There is a clash with a quest involving the ostler’s at Riften stables which causes the new dialogue to stop working for ALL ostlers. This might be a bug that only Bethesda can fix. Allow Reserved is supposed to fix it, but it doesn’t.

Q: The Ostler at Windhelm is dead, and the backup ostler will only sell the player horse. What’s
A: This happens for the same reason given above.

Q: I noticed the dialogue for buying the horse is the same as for buying the player horse – where’s
the variety?
A: Alternative dialogue will be in a future update when I edit the sound files.

Q: If the player mounts the companion horse, its a crime. A bit harsh isn't it , since the player payed for them.
A: This is because the Current Follower Faction owns the horse. For now, ride the player horse and I'll look into it soon and make changes.