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Grey Stead Manor

v1.3 by NovaCoren

A spacious three story manor player home designed for players who are further into the game looking for a large lore friendly player home for all their gear. I've tried to focus on making it feel like a 'manor' so if your after a small cosy house this probably not the mod your after.

Before installing be sure to make a backup save. Please read the Updating section below before updating.

Please read this description page before asking about issues with this mod.

While this is just a house mod using vanilla assets feel free to use it to build your own house mods.


Grey Stead Manor is located outside of Whiterun, directly east of Dragonsreach and North-East of Battle-Born Farm.


As of 1.2 a quest must be completed to obtain the key. Near the side gate entrance you'll find a note atop a barrel which will start the quest. The quest will lead you to a dungeon directly behind the manor. The NPC's aren't voiced so you'll need to turn on subtitles.


The Manor

The First Floor has an open living area with Master Bedroom which includes weapon racks, weapon plaques and storage chests.

The Second Floor includes 6 mannequins. A War Room including weapon plaques, display cases and storage chests. Also a secondary Bedroom usable by an NPC.

The Third Floor has a large Library with working Bookshelves.

The Sub Floor has large Kitchen with a bar. A Crafting Room including an Alchemy Lab, Enchanting Table, Workbench, Grinding Stone weapon racks, weapon plaques, a safe and storage chests. Also a Store Room for Misc. storage and easy access to Skyrim.

Includes doors to the Manor, Stable House and Skyrim. A large display hall with mannequins and weapon displays, a Bedroom/Study, a bedroom with extra beds for followers and a crafting/storage area.

The Courtyard
Includes Stables, a Forge, Smelter, Tanning Rack, Workbench and Grinding Stone

The Stable House
Includes bedrooms for NPC's, Alchemy Lab, Enchanting Bench and storage chests.


Once the main quest is complete check out the message box near the Master Bedroom, you'll find letters from npc's looking for a job at the manor. Each one will require some conversation or a small errand completed to hire them. The NPC's aren't voiced so you'll need to turn on subtitles. The NPC's include -

A Blacksmith
A Cook
A Stablehand
A Merchant

The Blacksmith, Cook and Stablehand are followers.


Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended)
Click 'Download with Manager' in the Files tab.
Double Click Grey Stead Manor in Nexus Mod Manager's Mod List to activate.

Extract the folders and Grey Stead Manor.esp from the archive and place in your Skyrim/Data folder.


Remove all your items from the manor.
Make a clean save somewhere not near the manor, eg. Whiterun.
Deactivate in the Mod List of Nexus Mod Manager or manually delete the Grey Stead Manor.esp from your Skyrim/Data folder.


Follow these steps to avoid any conflicts:

-Back up your recent saves.
-Remove all your items from the manor.
-Remove all your items from the npc's.
-Make a save somewhere outside the manor, eg. Whiterun.
-Uninstall the old version.
-Make a new save without the mod installed.
-Install latest version.

Known Issues

Some users are being affected by floating grass. Try this fix:

Make a backup of Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini
Open up both Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add/alter this:

Crashing - Theres a lot of bookshelfs and mannequins to load in the manor so it may cause crashing for some people, especially with high quality armor on the mannequins.


Mods to use with Grey Stead Manor.
Followers can Relax by King Coin
House Decorations - Plants and Flowers by Toddkay
Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma
My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers by Volek

The following mods were used in my screenshots.
Immersive HUD - iHUD by Gopher
Realistic Lighting With Customization by The Realistic Lighting Team
Lush Grass by OpticShooter
Lush Trees by OpticShooter

Renovate your House with console by Shawkab:
If you like to add things with the console check out the following thread. You are responsible for any edits to your house you make so use with caution.


Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
TES5Edit by ElminsterAU updated for Skyrim by Zilav, and Sharlikran.
Thanks to the great suggestions from:
MsChif, ivpav1, Cheese4Everyone13, gentester, nonoodles, and anyone else I might have missed :)

Version History

-Added Grey Stead Basement. Including:
-Display hall.
-Crafting area.
-Followers bedroom.
-Updated Stable House interior.
-Added many small details to the Manor and Stable House.
-Removed a lot of banners.
-Removed Study desk from library.
-Changed around the rugs.
-Removed lockpick doors in the dungeon.
-Removed LOD on house (will increase performance)
-Cleaned up local map view.
-Cleaned up scripts.
-Fixed broken quest dialogue.

My Other Mod

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