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This is my custom setting for Realistic Lighting with Customization.

I've noticed that many of the previous custom RL ini settings and ENB profiles always seemed to add ridiculous amounts of bloom or too many fantasy-like effects, and although they made some pretty nice screenshots, I felt that they just didn't make the lighting REALISTIC. So, my goal is to change the dull, washed-out look of the vanilla lighting, and transform it into what I believe to be the lighting that you see in real life while not making things look too cinematic or bland.

What you see in these screenshots is pure RL - no ENB profile or FXAA injector. So like any other RL setting, no performance hits at all! And a tip: If you see some clouds or fog come in that make the lighting dull and washed out, enter the console command "fw 81a" to temporarily clear up the sky and reveal the best lighting this mod has to offer!

Also, please note that some of these screenshots might look a little blurry; this is because I am using FXAA in-game (not the Injector mod, but the actual option through the launcher settings), so this method of AA naturally blurs the image (although you can sharpen the image back to normal by using the Injector mod).


!!!!ATTENTION!!!! Realistic Lighting with Customization is REQUIRED prior to installation!

NMM Users: Just click the "Download with Manager" button and activate in NMM.

Wrye Bash Users: Already a simple package - just drag 'n' drop into your Bash Installers folder and activate with BAIN.

Manual: Extract the contents of this archive directly into your Data directory.
This is usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data

Tweaking the INI:

If you want to edit any of my preset settings, open up the RealisticLighting.ini file found in the Data directory. Tweak any values you want, and save it. Then run the "Realistic Lighting Patcher.jar" file (included in the original mod's archive) so that the new values will overwrite the Realistic Lighting Patcher.esp.
This official article provides some further explanations for what each setting does.


Simply deactivate the mod with whichever mod managing utility you used to install it.

Tools Used/Credits:


  • Fixed the Khajiit Night Eye issue that caused the screen to go either completely black or white
  • v2.0
  • Shadows are not as dark in the daytime. Various improvements to interiors, dungeons, and nighttime settings.
  • v1.0
  • Initial release.

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