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Lockpicksmith, Lockpick Crafting for Skyrim

by Biduleman

* Description

Lockpicksmith allows you to create lockpicks at a forge using your smithing skills. You need 1 iron ingot to make 5 lockpicks.

* Install

Extract Lockpicksmith.esp to \Data. This is the same folder that contains Skyrim.esm.

Enable the Plugin using either of these methods:

1. Run the Skyrim Launcher and select DATA FILES.
Checkmark Lockpicksmith.esp and click Ok.


2. Open %localappdata%\Skyrim\plugins.txt with notepad, or another text editor, and add Lockpicksmith.esp on a new line at the end of the file.
Save it.
Right-click the file and select Properties.
Enable Read-Only and click OK.

### Edit: ###
I changed the number of lockpick created to 5 and corrected a few mistakes in the description.