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2nd note: If you load this for the first time into a save game where the Candlelight effect is currently active, it will take an extra cast or two of the spell until the toggle works correctly. The global variable I added resets itself after two casts.

Version 2.0 Release

New feature in v2.1:

*Added optional .ESP to make the radius of candlelight 2x bigger for people using darker dungeons. It does not require the base mod to work, but both can be used together.


This mod adds a simple toggle ability to the Candlelight Spell found in the game. In order to toggle Candlelight, you can simply recast the spell to turn it off. There are options to make Candlelight an enchantable ring and shout. Videos are posted to demonstrate the mod in action. Duration timer still works, so if you don't turn it off yourself, the spell will automatically turn off at the end of the timer.

There are 8 options included in the main file. I recommend using NMM to install so that you don't clutter up your Data directory or Load Order list with 9 other .ESP's that you won't (and shouldn't) use. Included in the mod is 4 duration options. Default (1 minute), 2 minute, 5 minute, and 10 minute. Infinite duration is included in all options now. And there are alternates of these 5 that include an option for No Cost in Magicka.

Just a note to some of you. The way experience for spells is coded in the game, experience gained is based on a factor of how much Magicka the spell uses. I can't change it with a script as far as I can see, so if you use the No Cost version of the mod, know that you will not gain any experience from casting Candlelight at all.

If you use a version that cost magicka, then you will gain the same amount of experience as before. This is just a clarification before I get a swarm of people asking me why they aren't getting exp.


Included in the download is a NMM-compatible script that allows you to choose which variation you want.

I will release a BAIN-Ready version later this weekend once I learn how to make a BAIN script. If you don't know what this is, then please disregard it is for Wrye Bash users. Manual installers, please use the README included to install.

Comments & Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for future spells and/or features, please make note of it in the Comment section. Please state what variation of the mod you are currently using when suggesting a feature so that I only have to make a couple All-in-One esp's that would be popular with most people.

If you experience any crashes or bugs, please send me a PM including what you did to crash the game and whether or not you can reproduce the crash/bug.

Update notes:

v2.1: *Added optional .ESP to make the radius of candlelight 2x bigger for people using darker dungeons. It does not require the base mod to work, but both can be used together.

v2.01: *Fixed installation script error that caused the mod to not activate if you choose
the Default duration option.

v2: *Added Candlelight Shout
*Added Candlelight Ring
*Added method of getting a ring, spell, or shout if lost or not learned.
*Documentation to make candlelight a dedicated shortcut on keyboard and controller
*Beta version of candlelight casting shadows
*Reworked sounds a little bi

v1: *First release

Recommended Mods:

Warmer Magic Lights (this is compatible with my mod)


If you use Better Sorting and get bugs when using Candlelight Toggle, then put my mod higher in your load order using the Load Order tab in NMM (or Wrye Bash). This should help sort out the conflicts at the moment.

The only mods that this will conflict with are mods that already change something with the Candlelight spell. Otherwise, this mod doesn't have any conflicts.

Thanks to the following people for their knowledge that helped me make this mod:

Nyrb (Fomod script tutorial)
CScottydont (Scripting advice)
CK Website