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Added: 13/11/2011 - 08:20AM
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Name: Blood Options

By: JustinOther

Version: 1.0

What it does: The plugins will increase or decrease the amount and duration of the blood on the screen.

Use: Choose one and drop it in Skyrim\Data, then activate with NMM or the load utility of your choice.

Included are:

*Blood (None).ESM
*Blood (Minimal).ESM
*Blood (Increased).ESM
*Blood (Bloodbath).ESM

Uninstall: Delete the plugin or remove it from your Plugins.txt list.

Rights: I'm a lefty, so do whatever.

Thanks: Beth and Elminster

SKSE version:

Beta run for SKSE enabled blood options (requires SKSE v1.5.11 or later)

When first loading the plugin, you'll be prompted to select a hotkey. If the selected key is held when loading a save afterward, the options menu will be prompted.