Another Shadowmere Mod - Horse by KahjiitRaj
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Added: 22/02/2012 - 11:23PM
Updated: 01/11/2012 - 12:05PM

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Last updated at 12:05, 1 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 23:23, 22 Feb 2012

A slightly different set of tweeks for Shadowmere.

I know there are about a million horse mods but this one will only effect Shadowmere. All other horses will remain the same. This mod is light, stable, and unlikely to interfere with other mods (with the exception of horse mods for obvious reasons).


Shadowmere will no longer fight anything or run away from anything. She'll stay where you leave her and no more having your kills stolen!

Shadowmere cannot die by any means and you cannot be hurt by falling when mounted on Shadowmere. Jump off cliffs and charge through battles!

Shadowmere also runs 20% faster than normal and can sprint/gallop for what seems like forever. Enjoy!

Other Versions

If you want Shadowmere to be ignored by all hostile NPCs and creatures check out my other version here

If you want all your horses to be ignored by all hostile NPCs and creatures check out "Oblivious Horses" here

Other Notes

No longer supported. I do not plan to purchase Hearthfire due to a personal distaste for the product and so cannot mod with the new content. This mod should still work with unexpanded Skyrim (and Dawnguard if noted as such). Sorry for any inconvenience but with this game being almost a year old I feel it's time to move on to newer modding horizons. Thank you to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed my Skyrim mods. I hope to see you all again in other mod workshops. Best wishes!