Elven Armour Retexture-Restyle by Jahga aka Kraxxuz
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Added: 22/02/2012 - 12:46AM
Updated: 15/06/2012 - 08:45AM

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Last updated at 8:45, 15 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 0:46, 22 Feb 2012

Female Version is here!!
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I always thought the elven armour looked too dirty so I decided to just to a quick texture fix for it, which then turned out to be a complete scratch re-texture. This took me some time as I've never attempted any elven style engravings and etc before, so it was also a learning experience.
I'm yet to do the helmet, who wants to wear that goofy looking helmet anyway? Hehe. I'll get around to doing it, or possibly using another mesh, we'll see.

Re-releasing this as the previous upload had comment errors that couldn't be fixed.

All 100% scratch made by Jahga/Kraxxuz, (my username depends on which site it is at, Steam Workshop or Skyrim Nexus, but I am the same person) with the exception of one metal texture overlay that I used in collaboration with some I made myself big thanks to wojtar-stock on DeviantArt for it.

Be sure to check him out

Feel free to do with this mod whatever you wish, just credit me and please contact me beforehand. I'd just like to know where/how it is being used/uploaded.