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Last updated at 22:43, 29 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 6:05, 21 Feb 2012

The Throne-Rooms in Skyrim are looking very boring.
With "Overhauled Throne Rooms" i tried to give every throneroom a different Style, so that every throne is unique and not a boring little chair in the middle of a big room....
Now every Throne has its own style and some Jarls even got house Pets!

Now its possible to sit on the throne and look around.
Also possible to FASt TRAVEL from every indoor-location.
Use with caution.
Bethesda locked 3rd person when sitting on thrones.
Now you can freely move the cam and enjoy the view:)

If you find any bugs please report them to me.
You are welcome for constructive critics.
as always, waiting for critics to work this out as perfect as it is possible for me.
Any suggestions or bugreports are welcome.

Have Fun

remove any previous version of this mod, copy latest esp file to Data folder.

Palace of Kings:
Replaced Talos Statues with Bears,
added Bearheads to the walls, returned Dog

reworked light issues,
more decent light at throne now (not too reddish)

replaced Hare with wolf
adjusted flickering light

added Spider as housepet

replaced wolf with Skeever (improvised solution for now, suggestions welcome!)

Removed Statue at Fire in front of throne

added magical anomaly as housepet, corrected shadows

removed one pair of spikes because they produced an invisible wall.

replaced Bear with Troll, moved Sabrecat from left to right side of throne, added sabrecat pet
(I know, its strange with a sabrecat trophy and a living sabrecat...I will redo it soon)

reworked lightsources,
now more dynamic shadows at Dragonsreach throne and Palace of Kings (maximum of 4 shadow casting sources placed - no flickering or shutdown lights so far),
replaced all blue fires with more lore friendly normal looking fires.
Will upload optional version with blue fires.

Replaced Statue of Azura in Dragonsreach with Statue of Ysgramor. Ysgramor is the founder of Yorvaskr, so it fits better to lore.


Added Table, book, a chest, some shields and swords to throne area
Rescaled Meridia at throne to smaller scale
added hanging coffins
removed blue light,
added normal light to match throne area lightning
Added Horky, the Horker (new Housepet)
removed bigger waterfalls
added very small waterfalls to statue of meridia
added crystal pillar to statues

Morthal Update:

Finally added Morthal throne redesign!
I dont know if i should leave it like that, it is maybe a little bit too much ...
Added a big pool with fountains, a smaller scupture and a waterfall, falling down on Meridia, the goddess of life and infinite energy.
Added more dynamic lights to throne area
Added more steps beneath throne
added big meridia statue behind throne
Added coffins in cages besides throne
Added Werewolf Head on the wall far above throne
Rescaled 2 banners to a bigger scale behind throne


In General i changed the bias of some lightsources at the thrones, so now there will be no more flickering shadows on bodies.

Solitude (housepet Rabbit):
Added three Dibella Statues with water fountains pointed at the Flowers around Dibella.
Added torchbugs and fireflies for more life at the plants.
Worked over light conflicts, now there is no more flickering shadows or popping out lights.
Report if you find any bugs.
Added centered lightsource in entrance area,
removed candlelights on the left and right side,

Dawnstar (housepet Fox)
Reworked lightning, now dynamic shadows from two lightsources without any bugs. Change some lightsources in the smaller rooms to static to prevent lightning conflicts with main area around throne.

Riften (housepet black Wolf)
Added dynamic shadows throne area (no conflicts, smooth shadows)

Markarth (Housepet Dwemer Spider)
Added dynamic shadows to entrance area and to both dwemer centurion giants at stairs.
Added Dwemer Bust to wall behind throne

Windhelm (housepet Dog)
Adjusted dynamic lights with shadow projection from three sources no more light flickering)

Winterhold (no pet)
Adjusted lightsources
changed lights in smaller rooms to static, added more dynamic lights to main room

Falkreath (house pet Deer)
Adjusted Lights, now light from campfire is casting shadows without problems

whiterun (no pet)
Added Banners, removed Shields from Braziers
Added Helmet and Daggers to Braziers in the entrance area
Added fountain with weapons in basin with water
Adjusted Lights, no more flickering or light shutdowns.
Added Large Banner at entrance
Removed Animal heads


Now you are able to fast travel from almost every location. Use with caution, have not tested with questrelated locations, bugs possible. To be on the save side, use it only from usual indoor places like shops, temples or homes and dungeons.

solitude (Rabbit)
Removed two lights and changed one lightsource from dynamic to static light to prevent flickering at throne

dawnstar (pet fox)
Changed Light to dynamic

riften (pet Wolf)
because of flickering i changed one lightsource from dynamic to static

Markarth (pet Dwemer Spider)
-added Dwemer Bust to wall
-corrected light flicker

Winterhold (no pet)
Lightning corrections

Palace of the kings now with blueish lightning with sources,
sized all Talos statues to equal size at the walls.

falkreath (deer)
Removed one lightsource
Added chaotic arranged non-pickable equipment around the young jarl

Added Blue lightsources to the entrance and the upper areas
added animal heads and weapons (non pickable) on the pillars
added weapons (non pickable) in the blue flames
added Whiterun-shields to braziers
added statue of azura (think it is lore friendly, because azura is the mother of all:)
added some more daggers and Swords along the dragonhead
added smaller banners above dragon head
added alternative braziers at the stairs
adjusted shadows at the fire, no more flickering
brightened the area around throne to let the weapons be more visible
Added big banner above stairs
scaled up elk head above entrance
fixed minor bugs with wild animals.
- Removed some lightsources from Solitude and Markarth
- added Blue Fireplaces to Palace of the Kings (Optional blueish version)

VERSION 1.3 "normalized" Light color Version:

DAWNSTAR (pet fox):
Left static animals in Dawnstar as they were. Skald seems to be a Hunter and has many animalheads on the walls as trophies. So i think it is legitimate to give him some stuffed big animals like a bear and a sabrecat.
No other Jarl has static animals in his Throneroom, except Jarl Skald.
Dimmed light about 50%

MARKARTH (pet Dwemer Spider):
-Rearranged runed stands
-Added Magelight sources to Spheres in front of throneroom.

WINTERHOLD (no pet):
Removed Static Wolves and Mammoth, added ribs to the throne and placed rescaled Candlelights (x1.5 bigger)
added (non-pickable) weapons around the throne
removed one light, dimmed all other lights about 50%.

Removed Static troll and Deer from Falkreath throne. Added one pair of horns.
Dimmed Light about 50% slightly yellow colored

WHITERUN (no pet):
Removed all Dragon Skulls except a few on the throne,
Placed some Weaponplates with different weapons,
symmetric with other side of the big dragonskull, for all symmetric-lovers out there;)
moved standing marker away from right statue of dibella, so the guard wont stand where statue is.
Dimmed lights in Dragonsreach about half.