Witch Girl Robe ClothingMod001 by Ochinsama
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Added: 21/02/2012 - 12:16AM
Updated: 07/04/2014 - 11:27PM

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LastUpdate :24/03/2012
Category :Armor
Mod Version :1.20
Author :Ochinsama
Nexus Account :ysbkvkud
Web :
--Sorry, Japanese Only.
21/02/2012 First release.
24/02/2012 Renamed all item.
Wrong recipe fix.
Blue-violet(Hyacinth) Color added.
24/03/2012 Fixed a bit of Mesh bug.
Fixed Wrong FP Model.
Add a bit extra.

I'm sorry in poor English.

Is equipment with the original design for the magician.

OchinClothingMod02_WitchHat1.00(Check out for it!)
WitchHat1.00 is single hat mod, but fit in Hyacinth.

Sorry, This item is Lore unfriendly.

Once installed, the chest in front of the Breeze Home
Will be installed is.
Please obtain from there.

In addition, you can create in leather and leather strips.
So, even if You sold or thrown away by mistake, re-install
There is no need to.
-EDIT 1,
Only in gloves and boots, use the Iron ingot to create.

Variations in the four types,

-Default Color
Is the initial design. Dark brown color scheme of the center.
The material is feels like synthetic leather.

Is pure white. Feel neat and clean.
(Only, is "neat" in the sense of Japanese nerd.)

-Author Recommended
Is a two-tone black and white color scheme.
The default is for everyone.
In this color variation, enhanced the "whiff of it!"
by the schoolgirl uniforms color scheme.
Because the white boots and gloves, There may be strangeness.

This color was produced to fit the newly created hat.
Does not matter a single use.


-Underwear is common in all patterns.
-Also take off the hood, the design does not collapse.
Attached hair color Is fixed.
Please actively wearing mix with other equipment.

-For Japanese
Nihongo yaku File wo youi simashita!
Tabun ugokimasu.
Yokereba tukatte kudasai!!
--Based Mod
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-(CBBE below)

I use this Mod.
Please put.

First, Extract the archive.

In directory where installed your Skyrim
(\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim --Initial setting in steam)
Overwrite the Data folder by Data folder in archive.

In the launcher menu of Skyrim,
To "OchinClothingMod01_RobeSet_Edit00.esp" in a data file
Is successful if it is checked checkmark.

Are also available at (NMM below) NexusModManager, probably will work.

Delete this folder.

Is probably safe even if deactivated in the NMM.

--Redistribution, modification,
As mentioned earlier, The original body is CBBE.
Please Conform to there.

If it is within the bounds of common sense,
re-upload or modification are welcome.

Request of re-modding, I can not receive,
please make yourself actively modding on your own.

I represent the respect and gratitude to Bethesda.
Bethesda made a great game,
and they support user community proactively.

And, I respect all Modder.

--Known problem

-When using the bow and magic in the 1st-person perspective,
gloves and arms would be separated a little.
The cause is understood.
But I will not fix this because there very troublesome...

Sorry, Contact is Japanese only.