Riverwood Meeting Hall by Sam Beevors
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Added: 20/02/2012 - 08:28PM
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Adds a new building over the river from Riverwood, which appears to be abandoned and bordered
up, however can be entered using a small hatch to the side. Once inside you will find 3 rooms, occupied by frostbite spiders, there will be many Imperials trying to lock down the area, including one that can be your new follower. He carries a silver tanto, new weapon in the mod, which when he is your follower you can take from him. The first room is an average size, where most of the action takes place, there are a few good items to be found here, so keep your eye open! The second room is much smaller, and locked down by imperials, here there will be an alchemist working at an alchemy lab, and other Imperials working around the room. Finally, the boss room. This room is very large and contains a few hidden treasures and food to be found, and has a portcullis leading to a loot chest, the key to the chest can be found around the room. However the spider in there won't let you simply walk past him... He will pound you with him thick legs and constantly shoot you with his high-hitting venom. Once you have opened the chest there will be a very special reward waiting for you...

+ New Follower (which only follows you around the building)
+ New Boss (Frostbite Spider Behemoth - 5x the size of the average frostbite spider)
+ New Weapons
+ Lots of loot

+ Turn into a quest

+ On first arrival of building, usually doesn't load video (This is an issue with CK, not my mod)
+ Follower will not leave the basement

Q. Will there be cats?
A. Uhmm, I guess I could make some..