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If you've been watching this space, you've probably already realized that this mod has become derelict. Each of my other mods has suffered the same. However, it is with great excitement that I announce my intent to return!

As you read this, I am working on re-writing my most successful Skyrim plugins, both refreshing the old stuff and implementing some new! I have many ideas in mind but have not forgotten that much of what ended up in my mods started out as your requests and suggestions. Although I will not be able to return the many PMs that I have received while away, my inbox is open and welcoming once again. If you have any requests or suggestions regarding content that you would like to see in my mods upon their re-release, please contact me via PM or E-mail. Credit will be given should anything you contribute make it into the final pieces.

A special thank-you to those who have encouraged my return.


Better Horses is an overhaul plugin for the horses of Skyrim, inclusive of features such as saddle storage, whistle commands and trampling as well as many configurable stat tweaks.

Better horses aims to make Skyrim's horses how they always should have been, useful, while leaving as many changes as possible down to the individual player's preference.

Before you begin using this plugin, you should read up on each of the included features and get your head around what, exactly, Better Horses will be changing in your game. Full documentation on these features can be found in the README among the links below or in the in-game manual, "How To Train Your Horse", which can be found lying around at any of the major stables in Skyrim.

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