Riverwood Player House by Travis Moran
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Riverwood Player House

======UPDATE 1.1=========

Mucked around with the Navmesh stuff and made it so that now any companions or followers will follow you inside.

To install update 1.1, replace the current "RiverwoodHouse.esp" file with this updated one.


This mod adds a player house just to the southwest of Riverwood. It is geared toward the warrior type mostly,

but still contains all the amenities including alchemy lab and arcane enchanter.

Outside on the patio area is a forge, grinding wheel, workbench, tanning rack, and a chest to keep items you

might want handy for those items. Also outside on the other side of the house is a smelter.

Inside are the following:
Main floor...
4 mannequins
16 weapon racks
2 bookshelves (3-shelf type)
2 placques (each holds two swords and one shield)
2 chests (non-respawning)

Downstairs main room...
1 placque (holds two swords and one shield)
4 more placques (shield only)
7 more mannequins
16 more weapon racks
1 bookshelf (3-shelf type)
Arcane enchanter
Alchemy lab
2 chests placed conveniently near enchanter and lab (non-respawning)
Some counters and tables for loose items

Downstairs anteroom...
2 bookshelves (3-shelf type)

Downstairs main bedroom...
3 bookshelves (3-shelf type)
2 safes
1 strongbox
1 chest
wardrobes and nightstands (all non-respawning)

Downstairs guest rooms (2)---each containing...
1 bookshelf (3-shelf type)
1 wardrobe (non-respawning)
1 nightstand (non-respawning)

Downstairs kitchen (huge)...
1 cooking pot (for cooking)
1 icebox which respawns
A mess of other stuff related to kitchens.

I did not place a map marker because the Riverwood map marker is so near as to make another marker redundant.

The house suffers just a tad from the "Tardis syndrome", but it's not noticeable unless you are specifically

looking for it.

Installing and uninstalling:
The mod itself is only one .esp file so installation is just a simple drag-and-drop into your "...skyrim\data\"

folder. To uninstall, delete it.

A big thanks to Andrew Clements for assists on the kitchen and getting the bookshelves to work properly.

No permissions or credits are necessary; So feel free to use this however you want. All of the content of the

mod is actually in the game already. I just duplicated and re-arranged things to make this mod.