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Undead Summoning v1.1

-by SubRosa_Florens

Tired of needing to kill someone before you can animate their corpse? Ever wish you could just wave your hands and have a Draugr appear? Well wish no more, because Undead Summoning will make it all happen. This mod brings back the good old undead summoning we knew from previous ES games. 5 new spells are added to the game to summon undead beasties, in order of power: Skeletons, Corrupted Shades, Draugr, Draugr Lords, and Dragon Priests. Spell Tomes for each can be bought from Ereshikagal, a magician who can be found in the Bannered Mare inn of Whiterun.

Perk Notes: The Summoner, Necromancy and Twin Souls perks work with Undead Summoning. However, I cannot get the Dark Souls perk to work with the undead you can summon. I believe this is due to the differences in the game engine between summoning and reanimating. So that you do not have to take the Dark Souls perk just to get to Twin Souls, I have created a second perk called Twin Summons that does the same thing, requiring only Necromancy, and of course a Conjuration skill of 100.

Simply copy the contents of the zip file to your Skyrim folder. When you start Skyrim, select the Undead Summoning mod.

Version History:
1.1 -
Fixed grey face bug on spell vendor.

1.0 -
Original Release