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This is a major Stealth overhaul, intended not only to balance it's effectiveness across all skill levels and perks, but also to improve the overall gameplay and realism of it.
You'll no longer be able to remain hidden directly in front of someone's face, or have to chase down that horse who "witnessed" your act of murder.
Stealth as a whole will require much more finesse and patience, no longer allowing you to run around like a headless chicken knocking people off with sneak attacks one after another.
It will even prevent you from ever seeing this again:


  • As the only reasonable method to replace Light Foot, because of how the perk worked, I had to remove the perk from the sneak tree entirely and add in a brand new one to replace it rather then altering the perk itself. What this means is that, if you use this mod with a save in which you've already purchased Light Foot, though you won't see it you will still have Light Foot instead of Acrobatics, which replaced it. To gain Acrobatics instead, open up the console by pressing ` and type in Help Acrobatics 4, which will give you the ID number for the perk. Then type in Player.AddPerk [AcrobaticsID]. To remove Light Foot from your character, you should follow the same general process with that, except Light Foot needs to be in quotes since it is two words. So type Help "Light Foot" 4, then Player.RemovePerk [LightFootID].
  • Because of how the Creation Kit handles Actor Values, a great number of mods out there have accidental, dirty edits of Actor Values. I myself had to alter AVSneak and AVAlchemy deliberately, so some mods may interfere with the structure of those two perk trees and cause strange errors. If this happens, try loading Path of Shadows after them so my changes override theirs.
  • ~Versions~

    There are two versions available for download; Full and Modular.
    Full is a single ESP containing all available changes, and Modular divides the mod into several ESPs, so you can choose which changes you want by using only the relevant ESPs and leaving out the others.
    Keep in mind that all changes have been very carefully calculated by myself and intended to work together, so I recommend only using the Modular version to avoid certain changes if you need to for compatibility with other mods.
    The Modular version has 5 ESPs.
  • Sneak Settings includes the various non-perk changes to stealth.
  • Sneak Perks includes the perk changes for Sneak and related trees, such as Pickpocketing.
  • Alchemy includes the various changes to Alchemy and its perk tree.
  • Spells includes all changes to spells, enchantments and magic-type perks such as Concealed Casting.
  • Combat includes all combat related changes, such as the armor perks.

  • In the Details listed below, which ESP each change is a part of is marked by an abbreviation at the start.
  • Sneak Settings will be (SS).
  • Sneak Perks will be (SP).
  • Alchemy will be (AL).
  • Spells will be (SL).
  • Combat will be (CO).
  • ~Details~

    ~Bug Fixes~
  • The Muffle effect was unreliable and in many cases completely broke sneaking. For this reason nearly all instances of it have been removed from the game, including certain enchantments and perks. The Muffle spell and Vampire ability remain intact.
  • ~Sneaking~
  • (SS) Your Sneak skill, while still important, has a less drastic impact than before.
  • (SS) Sound you make, such as from moving quickly, now has a more drastic effect on your ability to remain hidden. This means that to get close to someone you'll have to start walking after getting close enough or risk being heard (This is much, much easier with a controller). You can get closer before having to walk with higher skill, but heavier armor makes this harder.
  • (SS) Sneaking when outside of Line of Sight is generally easier, so even with low levels of skill you can no longer be spotted while sitting in place many yards behind a target.
  • (SS) It is now significantly easier to be spotted while inside Line of Sight, so you must now be very careful to avoid wandering in front of someone and to stay behind obstructions.
  • (SS) Armor weight has a more drastic effect on your ability to remain hidden while moving.
  • (SS) Lighting now has a much more drastic effect on your ability to remain hidden. So not only is it far more effective to stay in the shadows, but getting close to sources of light such as torches or sunlight will make you very easy to spot. This also means that you should be able to remain hidden even within Line of Sight as long as you sit still inside a dark corner. Though you can still be spotted if they get too close.
  • (SS) The angle of NPCs' Line of Sight is reduced to 120 degrees, so it is now a reasonable task to stay out of sight.
  • ~Detection~
  • (SS) NPCs will now continue to search for you for a long time if you attack them or someone near them, or if they fully detect you at any point.
  • (SS) When you arouse the suspicion of an NPC, it now takes a bit longer for that suspicion to fade.
  • (SS) Originally, your current state of detection displayed took a variable amount of time to update, up to several seconds. Now it will update immediately unless there are a great number of actors nearby.
  • ~Sneak Attacks~
  • (SS) Sneak Attack multipliers have been altered to; Bows - 1.5x, Two-handers - 3x, One-handers - 4x, Unarmed - 5x, Daggers - 6x. While heavier weapons are generally much more capable weapons for Sneak Attacks than before, they still have the penalty of being harder to sneak with due to their weight, and attack more slowly.
  • (SS) Bows no longer auto-aim on targets. This not only causes them to require more personal skill to use, but also allows you to snipe targets from very large distances.
  • (SP) The Sneak Attack line of perks have been altered such that you no longer have to get perks that are useless to you just so you can reach higher ones, such as having to take Deadly Aim (which is only for bows) to reach Backstab (which is only for one-handers). I've also worked to make them more interesting than the simple Sneak Attack modifier bonuses previously had, and to affect a wider range of weapons.
  • ~Witnesses~
  • (SS) The distance from which a witness to a crime can report the crime to a guard has been cut in half.
  • (SS) NPCs that did not make sense as witnesses to crimes, such as creatures and bandits, can no longer be witnesses.
  • ~Stealing~
  • (SS) The maximum chance for a pick pocket to succeed is now 100%, rather than 95%.
  • ~Enchantments~
  • (SL) All instances of the Muffle enchantment effect have been replaced by a bonus to Sneak.
  • ~Spells~
  • (SL) Various spells have been made naturally silent including Invisibility, elemental runes, bound weapons, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Soul Trap, and Water Breathing.
  • (SL) Invisibility and Muffle are now both Concentrated spells, and must be maintained just like Flames and similar spells.
  • ~Perks~

  • (SP) The Stealth perks now increase sneak effectiveness smoothly with each rank, rather than giving a large amount on the first rank and far smaller amounts with each subsequent rank.
  • (SP) Light Foot has been replaced with Acrobatics, which reduces fall damage by 80%, allowing you to leap from high places either to ambush enemies or make a quick escape.
  • (SP) The Shadow Warrior perk has been replaced by Slip, which momentarily slows time when you crouch so you can easily utilize Silent Roll at full speed to slip past an enemy and either escape or reach their back for a counter attack.
  • (SP) Muffled Movement has been replaced with Dodge, which allows you to evade attacks by leaping backward. When you jump back, during the ascent physical attacks will not harm you.
  • (SP) Silence has been replaced with Obfuscate, which makes you half as easy to spot visually while sitting still with your weapon sheathed.
  • (SP) Deadly Aim has been replaced by Deadly Strike, which doubles all Sneak Attack multipliers.
  • (SP) Backstab has been replaced by Assassination, which causes your sneak attacks to ignore armor.
  • (SP) Assassin's Strike has been replaced with Blindside, which causes all attacks dealt to a target from behind in combat to function as lesser sneak attacks, ignoring all damage resistances on the target and dealing half your usual sneak attack modifier damage.
  • (SP) The entirely new perk Blackjack has been added next to the Sneak Attack branch of perks, which allows you to knock a target unconscious by bashing them while sneaking and unseen.
  • ~Alchemy~
  • (AL) The alchemy tree has been repositioned heavily, separated into two paths; one focusing on detrimental Poisons, and the other focusing on beneficial Potions. This allows you to specialize in one and not be forced to waste points on the other.
  • (AL) Poisoner, now at the head of the Poisons path, has two ranks for up to a 50% benefit.
  • (AL) Benefactor, now at the head of the Potions path, has two ranks for up to a 50% benefit.
  • (AL) Snakeblood now provides 75% poison resistance.
  • ~Armors~
  • (CO) The perks which remove armor weight have been instead reduced to a 50% weight reduction.
  • (CO) Cushioning for Heavy Armor has been replaced with Dispersion, which instead reduces the magnitude of any spells cast on you by 20% while wearing all Heavy armor.
  • ~Pickpocketing~
  • (SP) Night Thief has been increased to a 50% bonus to stealing from sleeping victims.
  • ~Illusion~
  • (SL) Quiet Casting has been renamed Concealed Casting, and now only affects Illusion spells.

I recommend using Momo Acrobatic Jump by XP32 (, as it will cause the backward jumps used for the Dodge perk to look unique and evasive.