HD Normals v1 - Female Faces by EvilDeadAsh34
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Added: 22/11/2011 - 11:32AM
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HD Normals v1 - Female Faces

This mod eliminates the polygonal/blocky look of vanilla faces, it also greatly improves upon the overall definition of the entire face, ears, nose and mouth for a much crisper look. Enjoy!

After trying the other uber-popular face "smoothers" i decided that they weren't up to my standards. I then embarked on a (sometimes) painstaking task of not only smoothing out the blocky normal textures but to then hand paint as much of the details that i lost during the smoothing process. It's been very tough at times (see the old female normal...) but very satisfying now that i have completed this set. I have put in a lot of work into these and while they are not "perfect" they are much better IMO than the competitions.

Seriously, I hope every one of you who decide to download them will notice and appreciate my hard work because i'm just trying to make our Skyrim experiences just that much better in my own tiny way.

P.S. This set is the Females only, minus the Female Khajiit. I also intend to add the males into the mix if it proves worth the times, they have quite a bit of texturing to the normals so it may prove difficult. Stay Tuned.

HD Normals v1
Install To: Data/Textures/Actors/Character/*******
Uninstall: Just delete what you installed, simple. : )

Improved Lips
Install To: Data/Textures/Actors/Character/Character Assets/Tintmasks/
Uninstall: Go in reverse.

This mod doesn't seem to be completely compatible with "Detailed Lips" by Xenius. Please use "Improved Lips" in the downloads section because they are specifically made for my faces.

Bethesda for once again creating the Game of the Year.
Adobe for making Photoshop
Me for putting off nearly a week of playing the best game ever to make these normals. I hope you like them.


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