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Castle Dovah
Version: 8.0.0
Category: Castles
Author: Aralore Vlex

After being visited by a stranger in the night and being made a deal he could not refuse, Ograk Shatur set out to learn of the Dovahkiin. When he learnt to site of the Dovahkiin's "Birth" as the Dragonborn, he was approached by the stranger again and was told that this is where the castle should be built. The start was slow but slowly some of the greatest carpenters, stone masons, decorators, and horticulturists from all around Tamriel joined him, as well as an expert on Dwemer technology. After a couple years and a few hundred thousand septims, Castle Dovah is ready for the Dovahkiin to move in and Ograk Shatur sent the courier to find the Dovahkiin and give him news of the castle.

Note from Author Please READ

Please download the newest version of General Stores for this release from link below in the Requirements section.

Also I am in need of someone new to write dialogue for NPCs and other things. Requirements: Good imagination, writing skills, and time to dedicate.


- Latest Skyrim Patch
- Dawnguard DLC
- General Stores v2 - storage resource for packrats by Harvey2112 (Be sure to endorse his mod as well after downloading it is an awesome mod and deserves the credit.)
- Must have defeated Alduin to get quest for finding the castle.

Recommended Mods

These are some mods that may be useful with Castle Dovah:
- My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers by Volek
- Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma

Current Rooms

- Arcanaeum
- Arch Mage Quarters
- Armory
- Barracks
- Bathing Room
- Bazaar
- Conservatory
- Dining Hall
- Dungeon
- East Hall
- Gallery
- Grand Library
- Guest Quarters
- Lord's Quarters
- Mage's Tower
- Ore Mines
- Servant Quarters
- Smithy
- Temple
- The Drunken Dragon
- Torture Room
- Treasury
- Throne Room
- Vile Lair
- West Hall


- All 9 Shrines of the Divine
- All 13 Standing Stones
- Weapon Racks
- Mannequins
- Weapon Plaques
- Weapon and Shield Plaques
- Display Cases
- Bookshelves
- Master Skill Trainers (1 for each skill)
- Enchanting Tables
- Alchemy Tables
- Forges
- Workbenches
- Grinding Wheels
- Tanning Racks
- Chopping Block
- Enormous amount of storage
- Personal Carriage
- Much more……

Noted NPCs

Ograk Shatur – Steward
Wuldir the Restless – Main Gate Guard
Chickenspit the Jester – Castle Jester
Guard Captain Aralore Vlex – Captain of the Castle Guard

Version number explained, ex: v1.1.1

1= Major Changes (Redesign, new rooms, etc.)
1= Minor Changes (Cluttering, lighting changes, etc.)
1= Bug Fixes Only

Finding Castle Dovah
Note Quest will only start if you have defeated Alduin.
1. Fast Travel to Whiterun
2. Wait 24 Hours
3. Go inside and then back out and the courier should appear
4. Read the letter and get the key to the doors
5. Make sure the quest is active in your journal and follow markers.
6. From Whiterun Stables go right at the “T” in the road.
7. Follow this path till you pace the tower you fought first dragon in MQ.
8. To your right will be Castle Dovah


10/7/2012 – 8.0.0
- Cleaned up archive by removing useless files and Screenshots lowering file size
- Upgraded castle to use General Stores V2
- Added Auriel Shrine to Temple
- Added Carriage just outside main gate
- Added files to correct grey faces
- Added Map markers for the Castle and all the Mage portal
- Added NPCs to the Pub, More to come in other places
- Added a fountain to the courtyard
- Redesigned the Conservatory
- Added some followers and Hirelings
- Added Displays for several special Items to the Gallery Room(Button Activators)
- Added Displays for Religious Amulets and Auriel's Bow to the Temple(Button Activators)
- Redesigned and re-added the Ore Mines
- Incorporated more Dwemer Tech in the Castle

9/19/2012 - 7.0.1Beta
- Added Carriage just outside main gate
- Added files to correct grey faces
- Added Map markers for the Castle and all the Mage portal
- Added NPCs to the Pub, More to come in other places
- Added a fountain to the courtyard

9/10/2012 - Non-Dawnguard Alpha
- Added Optional Non-Dawnguard Alpha release

9/2/2012 - 7.0.0 Beta Update 2
- Fixed the trainers so they will train you properly now.
- Single Update file contains files from Update 1.

9/1/2012 - 7.0.0 Beta Update 1
- Corrected the insulting guards(Hopefully)
- Added new static resources from new Modders Resource Pack from Oaristys
- Attempted to fix the bug where your follow would try to go in and out of the Servents Quarters when sandboxing around you.

8/30/2012 - 7.0.0
- Revamped the Exterior Courtyard
- Navmesh 100% done and finalized
- Removed the Ore Mines, Crypt, and War Room temporarily
- Redesigned most of the rooms already in the castle
- Added a few new NPCs w/ Dialog and VOs: A Jester, Castle Steward, 2 Guards at the main entrance, Guard that greets you at main gate, and 2 refugee farms
- Added a few generic NPC(More to come)
- Added an Conservatory
- Added Bathing Room
- Added East and West Halls
- Add Grand Library
- Added a Mages Tower
- Added Training room
- Added Temple of the Divines
- Added a School
- Added a Bazaar with merchants for buying and selling
- Added Grand Gallery room with many more Mannequins, plagues, racks, and cases
- Moved the Vile Lair to a secret location in the basement of the temple
- Corrected some typos and misspelled words
- Added Letters, notes, and other little reading all around the castle written by that NPCs to help living the place up
- Changed the name of The Pub to The Drunken Dragon
- Moved the Dragon Priest mask holders to the new Gallery
- Tweaked the lighting in some rooms that just seemed to dark
- Added Master Skill Trainers for all skills
- Changed starting quest to send the courier to find you and give you a letter to find castle
- Made the starting quest come to you automatically on game start till I can get the courier system to agree with me. I didn’t want it holding up release any longer.
- Changed some of the merchants to Trainers instead
- Incorporated General Stores by Harvey2112
- New Screenshots are up of every room

3/10/2012 - 6.0.0
- Added Guest Quarters
- Added Servant Quarters
- Added a Kennel
- Added a hidden Lair for the Vampires and Lycan with a sleeping victim to feed on, an altar with all Daedric Artifacts, and all the Doomstones
- Added Treasury
- Moved some Mannequins around in the Armory and added a couple more weapon racks
- Fixed Bug: Where merchants would not give money for selling your items to them.

3/2/2012 - 5.0.0
- Added War Room w/ weapon racks and plaques
- Added more mannequins, Plaques, and display cases to the armory
- Added more NPCs
- General Clutter here and there
- Moved the chopping block from the smithy outside by the steps
- Made the doors in the dungeon to unlock with castle key. only need the one key.

2/27/2012 - 4.0.0
- Navmeshing roughly 75% to 80% done
- New Room: The Pub(off Dinning Hall)
- Adjusted the lighting of rooms
- Quest NPC in Riverwood Sleeping Giants Inn, a Khajiit named Ma'Dato(only effects new users of mod but any can do the quest)
- Add two(2) Horses outside castle
- Added Merchants: Blacksmith, Bartender, Alchemy/Enchanting, Books, Chief, Armor, Weapons
- Added NPCs around the castle(more to come)
- Working Bards added
- Added guards around the castle
- Prisoners shackled in cells in the dungeon
- General Cluttering
- Fixed Bug: Back of castle exterior not showing
- Fixed Bug: Gaps outside around castle edges

2/22/2012 - 3.0.0
- Add Mines to the castle.(Trapdoor outside of castle right of platform)
- Add a secret Crypt.(You will have to hunt for this)
- Fixed Bug: Fixed a few wall gaps here and there
- Fixed Bug: Made door in dining hall that lead to grey nothingness temporary lead to dead-end hallway
- Temporarily removed the guards in the Great Hall of the Castle. Something made them move from their stations.

2/21/2012 - 2.0.1
- Fixed gap in floor of the torture room in the door between cave and room

2/21/2012 - 2.0.0
- Added working Merchants(Armor and weapons merchant in armory, Spell/Alchemy/Enchanting merchant in Lab room, Book merchant in Library)
- Guards(just for looks ATM)
- Dungeon area w/ hidden torture room
- More storage to alchemy/enchanting area and smithy area.
- Fixed Bug: Smithy door showing wall.
- Fixed Bug: Falling through ground upon exiting castle.

2/19/2012 - 1.0.1
- Adjusted lighting to look a little more realistic

2/18/2012 - 1.0.0
- Initial Release

NMM Installation
1. Click “Download With Manager”
2. When done downloading, click on the mods tab in NMM.
3. Double click on Castle Dovahkiin in main “BIG” window to start installing.
4. Click on plugins tab and make sure there is a check in the box beside Castle Dovahkiin
5. Load Game

NMM Uninstall
1. Open NMM
2. Click Mods tab
3. Double click on Castle Dovahkiin to uninstall.

Manual New Installation:

1. Extract this archive to Skyrim's main folder. (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim)
2. Start Skyrim's Launcher, click Data, and enable the vlexmodscastledovah.esp file.

Manual Un-Installation:

1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data, and dis-enable the vlexmodscastledovah.esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


- Won't currently work with any other mod that modifies the default Courier Quest

Known Bugs:

- The towers seem to disappear with you leave out of the castle. Simply reloading the autosave that is made after exiting the castle seems to fix. Will figure out.

Contact Details:



- Oaristys for Modder’s Resource Pack

- Tony67 for the Scroll shelves, coffins and Noble Display Cases used.

- Blary for the Potion Shelves, Food containers, shelf books, and open books.

- DarkRider for Celtic Décor Paintings.

- Harvey2112 for General Stores - storage resource for packrats

- InsanitySorrow for soap.

- badgremlin for the Insect Display Cases

- Lilith for the Ready Clutter resource

- WillieSea for Décor Textures used in different rooms of the castle, Apple Trees, and Tomato Plants.

Special Thanks:

- Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
- Alkorri for all the wonderful NPC dialog.
- LittleBaron for helping me figure out the Courier quest

Voice Actors:

HatoSuzume22 - as - Pelena (Imperial Female Refugee)
Matthew_Kaine - as - Meden Marend (Darkelf Guard)
POLE7645 -as- S’Baadar (Khajiit Guard)
Cridel - as- Ograk Shatur (Orc Steward)
Rob Miller - as - Wuldir the Ruthless (Nord Guard)
Jacob Bently - as - Toralf (Imperial Farmer)

Tools Used:

Elder Scroll's Creation Kit
xWMAEncode - WMA to XWM Converter
Photoshop CS5


Please ask permission prior to doing anything with this mod.

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