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Castle Dovah
Version: 0.05b
Category: Castles
Author: Aralore Vlex

Note from Author Please READ

This revamp will NOT work with any older versions of Castle Dovah. Please completely uninstall and

delete any older versions of Castle Dovah you may have installed. This Revamp requires all 3 DLCs and I have

no plans to make a version that does not require them. For those of you that will be checking out this beta

please post anything you see that needs fixing with a screenshot if you can please. It will make the process

much easier.

Also I will in need of someone(s) to write dialogue for NPCs and other things. Requirements: Good

imagination, writing skills, and time to dedicate.(NPCs are still in works and will be done after initial

Beta Release.)


- Latest Skyrim Patch
- Latest version of SKSE
- Dawnguard DLC
- Hearthfires DLC
- Dragonborn DLC
- General Stores v2 - storage resource for packrats by Harvey2112 (Be sure to endorse his mod as well after downloading, it is an awesome mod and deserves the credit.)
-General Displays & the Genteral Stores patch by Tueffel

Recommended Mods

These are some mods that may be useful with Castle Dovah:
- My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers by Volek
- Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma
- Thieves Guild Treasure Fix by Tueffel
- No Quest Items by trira

Current Rooms

- Throne Room
- Mage's Tower
- Armory
- Alchemist Room
- Barracks
- Dining Hall
- Smithy
- Dungeon
- Torture Room
- Lord's Quarters
- Treasury
- Vile Lair
- Temple
- Hall of Dragons
- Servant Quarters
- The Drunken Dragon
- Arena
- Bathing Room
- Conservatory
- Gallery
- Grand Library
- Ore Mines


- All 9 Shrines of the Divine
- All 13 Standing Stones
- Weapon Racks
- Mannequins
- Weapon Plaques
- Weapon and Shield Plaques
- Display Cases
- Bookshelves
- Master Skill Trainers (1 for each skill)
- Enchanting Tables
- Alchemy Tables
- Forges
- Workbenches
- Grinding Wheels
- Tanning Racks
- Chopping Block
- Enormous amount of storage
- Personal Carriage
- Much more……

Noted NPCs
- Chickenspits the Jester - Jester
- Captain Aralore Vlex - Guard Captain
- Ograk Shatur - Steward
- Captain Maximinus - Smuggler Captain
- Foreman Stenar Magia - Miners Foreman

Finding Castle Dovah
1. Fast Travel to Whiterun Stables
2. Standing beside the carriage look a little to the South West and you will see Castle Dovah in the

distance and the base of the mountain.


7/10/2014 – 0.05B
- Added a scripted lever to Arena to "Incinerate" all the corpses of your kills
- Added many "generic" NPCs around the castle
- Added some custom background music to the castle
- Changed name of the East Hall to Hall of Dragons
- Removed the weapon only plagues from gallery and added Racks and shield only plagues
- Added a children's Room to the Private Quarters
- Added more general clutter around the castle
- Added a second Gallery area off the main gallery with more Mannequins, Display cases, weapon racks and

Shield Plagues

6/24/2014 – 0.04B
- Added Dwemer Tech throughout the castle to account for the reason for some of the "non-Lore" features
- Added torture victims to torture room
- Notable NPCs added(Dialogue and Quests still to come)
- Added new area called Smugglers Cove off the Ore Mines with NPCs including a follower and another Notable

- Added Diving Boards to pool in the Bathing Room
- Modified Exterior but still a WIP
- Changed the Dragon Priest Mask Display in the Gallery to skulls on a shelf. One for all Dragon Priests

including DLC ones.
- Linked all the portals on top floor of Mage's Tower to places outside each city
- Added a player owned horse to a "Stable" area to the right of Castle Entrance
- Added a starting quest where the Courier will deliver a letter telling you about the castle.

6/19/2014 – 0.03B
- Added Master Trainers for all 18 skills(Needs some one Line Voice acting for each)
- Modified the third floor of Mage's Tower to be mage's bedding room
- Added Eat and sleep routines to most NPCs
- Added Cattle in the Vile Lair for Vampires to feed on
- Added scripting to the mines(Thx to WillieSea) to make the miners mine a random around of ore for you per

- Added any missing facegen files for old and new NPCs

6/16/2014 – 0.02B
- Added NavMesh to all rooms
- Added levers to shower and sinks in Bathing Room to turn them on and off
- Added Collision panels to the different walls that you could walk through
- Added some Dense fog to the Sauna area of Bathing Room
- Added an Arena(Not Fully Finished)
- Added Bard to Throne Room
- Added Merchants(blacksmithing, Alchemy, Spells, Enchanting, and General)
- Added facegen files for fixing grey faces

6/11/2014 – 0.01B
- ReVamp Beta Release

NMM Installation
1. Click “Download With Manager”
2. When done downloading, click on the mods tab in NMM.
3. Double click on Castle Dovahkiin in main “BIG” window to start installing.
4. Click on plugins tab and make sure there is a check in the box beside Castle Dovahkiin
5. Load Game

NMM Uninstall
1. Open NMM
2. Click Mods tab
3. Double click on Castle Dovahkiin to uninstall.

Manual New Installation:

1. Extract this archive to Skyrim's main folder. (ex: .../Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim)
2. Start Skyrim's Launcher, click Data, and enable the VMCDRevamped.esp file.

Manual Un-Installation:

1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data, and disenable the VMCDRevamped.esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

- Anything that modifies the DialogueTrainer Quest
- Anything that modifies the DialogueFollower Quest unless all it does is just removes default bow and arrow

Known Bugs:

Contact Details:



- Oaristys for Modder’s Resource Pack
- Tony67 for the Scroll shelves, coffins and Noble Display

Cases used.

- Blary for the Potion Shelves, Food containers, shelf books,

and open books.

- DarkRider for Celtic Décor Paintings.
- Harvey2112 for General Stores - storage resource for packrats

- InsanitySorrow for soap,

Paintings, Buildy Blocks, and spin tops.

- badgremlin for the Insect Display Cases
- Lilith for the Ready Clutter


- Tueffel for General Displays
- WillieSea for scripts used in the Arena and Mines
- OrganicView for the custom music used in Castle


Special Thanks:

- Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Voice Actors:

Tools Used:

Elder Scroll's Creation Kit
MultiXMW - WMA to XWM Converter
Photoshop CS6


Please ask permission prior to doing anything with this mod.

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