Vlindrel Hall Armory and Forge -OBSOLETE- by Venatoris
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Added: 19/02/2012 - 02:33AM
Updated: 21/02/2013 - 01:46AM

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Last updated at 1:46, 21 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 2:33, 19 Feb 2012

NOTICE: This mod has been integrated into Vlindrel Hall Reborn and will not be updated beyond v2b's navmesh fix.

I will keep this version up for anyone who does not like or want the library included in Vlindrel Hall Reborn.

This mod adds a large room to Vlindrel Hall.

A good amount of storage, a full smithy along with armour and weapons displays are the meat and potatoes of what this mod gives you.

The entrance to Vlindrel Forge is in the housecarl's bedroom... its a big door, can't miss it. :)

Everything used to make this mod was standard game items. This may conflict with any mods that change the interior structure of Vlindrel Hall in the housecarl's room. A few containers (furniture) were removed from the housecarl bedroom to make a place for the door. Any items stored in those will be lost, be sure to back-up your save!

If you see anything amiss, please let me know and I will address it.

Endorsements if you like this mod would be nice.

NOTES: Most textures in the screenshots are the wonderful artistry of other modders. My thanks to them all!

I have tested this on multiple save files to no ill effect. The v1.3 lighting fixes have been tested on multiple ENB series mods as well as vanilla and all ran well.

Bugs: None known, should you find one please let me know.

Change log:

Update: v1.2 released with additional storage, a few light tweaks, and random cosmetic improvements.

Storage added:

8 Dwemer dressers
4 Satchels
2 Knapsacks

Update: v1.3 released. Features:

I fixed all the #*(&@$!! lights... ugh, but YAY!

12 Dwemer dressers
5 Satchels
2 Knapsacks
2 Large Dwemer chests

8 Mannequins
4 Weapon/shield plaques
8 Single Weapon plaques

Tanning rack
Forge of Dwemer awesome! Who knew the Skyforge could look like that.

Mostly useful clutter added.

Update: v1.4 released.

Fixes Weapon/shield plaques where weapons appeared above the plaques. Turns out Skyrim doesn't like some things on a perfect 90 degree rotational axis.

Update: v1.41 released.

o.O 0.10 Z rotational axis fix on single weapon plaques so axes mount properly....0.10... seriously....

Update: v1.5 released.

Fixed the vanilla racks and plaques Bethesda had with bad rotational axis. Bedroom and enchanting room racks and plaques tested with every weapon type.

Update: v1.6 released.

Fixed linked ref keyword on shield plaque in forge room. Added a small wall mounted Dwemer cabinet in the enchanting room of Vlindrel Hall proper because that room always did lack in storage.

Update: v1.61 released (optional)

By request, brightened up display area. Radii of firebowl and wall mounted lamps increased.

Update: v1.62 released (optional)

For Realistic Lighting mod users, variation to brighten Vlindrel Hall proper up a bit to better balance it with the new lighting brightness in forge room in v1.61. If things are still too dark for you while using a Realistic Lighting mod there is little that I can do to correct that.


Update: v2 released

Based off of v1.62 optional lighting version, adds four mannequins and four shield/weapon plaques. Positioning and size of some satchels and knapsacks adjusted. Now also nav-meshed but nobody (not even clumsy followers that always knock things off tables) can follow you into the forge room.

BACK UP your saves. This version makes changes to the room and storage so I recommend you empty all your things from the room if you are updating from a previous version.


Update: v2a released

Navmeshed for followers. TES5Edit 3.0.22 used to clean dirty edit I had made to a vanilla Dwemer Chest.

Note: Some standalone weapon mods are twitchy with the shield and weapon plaques for the weapon mounts. Most work fine but a few will sometimes not mount properly and fall to the floor.


Update: v2 (old files section)

Cleaned v2 with TES5Edit 3.0.28 for those that prefer the non-navmeshed room for privacy from your entourage.

Update: v2b released to fix navmesh issue with followers. No additional updates will be made.