Level 79 Jefficus Blight Male Wood Elf by Comfy90
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Added: 22/11/2011 - 09:27AM
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Absolutely NO Quests Finished.
I'm not entirely sure How but I started a few quests unintentionally.. sorry if you wanted a clean slate.. I did try :S

Every skill Except Lockpicking is at 100, I couldn't find a way to really level this up without exploring more than what was necessary for keeping the game "clean," or this is just a quick level with good gear, not trying to beat the game for you, kind of deal.

Level 79 With Full set of Daedric and Dragonscale Quadruple Enchanted (Weapons Included) and 111,111 gold, I tried to focus the daedric on a more "Knighty" type of build not sure how you might like it..
The Dragonscale set is more focused on magic.. but I did leave the enchanting perks in there so you can you know do whatever..

The characters Magic/Health/Stamina is really more focused on a mage but just incase you want to change it heres a list of what to type into the console -

player.setav magicka XXX
player.setav health XXX
player.setav stamina XXX

The "XXX" are the values you yourself can choose to be whatever the hell you want, so just do whatever you see fit..

Note: I did Not spend Any perk points, I used the console for enchanting perks.
The .txt file contains links to Mods that I use and like so I figured I'd throw in those links.. I'm not trying to pass them off as my own or anything just thought it would be nice to give some kind of credit to their making :)